Jenin's journal (3 months)

Jenin's journal (3 months)

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I'm 9 weeks old today, the little painters came again, they mounted my eyes, tongue and inside my mouth, they carried my intestines through the cord into the void in the abdomen, and they extended my fingers. He had more business with me. What a cocky thing… By the way, your mother's stomach is on fire, she never listens, and the doctor told her not to eat food that touched her stomach, now she had to take medicine. I also started to feed the breasts to feed me as her breasts are growing, she will buy a bra for themselves, I do not know what that means, but the doctor said she should do it. I mean, I see the most doctors after these little painters these days and I actually hear them.

I'm 10 weeks old and they said I would feel as big as an orange, but I don't know what the orange was… the doctor said that the mother could be easily angry and depressed because she was pregnant. Although the mother has a healthy diet, she doesn't have to worry if she is gaining a lot of weight. Low-weight mothers 15-20, overweight mothers gain 7.5-12.5 pounds. In the meantime, the painters work quickly, most of my joints are formed, wrists, elbows, knees, ankles, shoulders, hands, fingers and nails are all done now, they will only grow depending on my diet. The little painter asked me what color I wanted my eye to be, because my iris layer was coming out, I said “color boş, never mind it will be green like your mother's. Then he asks me why uk

I'm 12 weeks old, and now I have an inner ear, a nose, a slice. I even love my eyelids, I keep opening and closing them, fingernails on my fingertips, and I can move more easily. My height is 6.5 cm, weight is 18 gr. must be, üfffffffffff how big, I can not believe. And we're not going to vomit as much as before, but this time your mother's head is achy.

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