Autumn depression affects women twice as much

Autumn depression affects women twice as much

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Contrary to what is known, this type of food is not energy and happiness, but more fatigue. Acibadem International Hospital Psychologist Assist. Assoc. Dr. Ferahim Yeşilyurt, women, especially in the autumn depression experienced by many people explain the causes of special recommendations.Seeing the sun is the most important cause of depression Summer is a season in which people's routine jobs are reduced, nature is refreshed and holidays are held. In the meantime, the day goes on and people can spare time for themselves after work. Against all this revival in summer, there is a reverse period in autumn and winter. Day starts to shorten, weather changes, nature begins to become sad. People also get their share of this change. Seeing the sun at a minimum, increasing job responsibilities, starting schools, cooling the weather causes a number of mental changes in people. This causes autumn depression. Women fall more into autumn depression Hormonal influences, changes in the menstrual cycle and greater responsibilities within the family have a negative impact on women's mental balance. All these factors cause women to experience more feelings such as depressive mood, depression, anxiety and anxiety. Therefore, depression is experienced twice as much in women as in men. So much so that depression is seen in one out of every four women, while in men it decreases to one in eight men. On the other hand, the likelihood of recurrence of depression increases in people who have been previously diagnosed with depression. Especially pessimistic, anxious, high sense of responsibility, low self-esteem people carry more risk in these periods.Contrary to popular belief chocolate and cake does not give happinessAlmost all the women who are depressed are looking for a cure at dinner. However, nutritional errors, especially during this period, can lead to an aggravation of the condition rather than a remedy for depression. White sugar, for example, raises and lowers blood sugar rapidly. For this reason, fatigue and fatigue brings along. The consumption of desserts, chocolates and pastries does not make you happy, as opposed to what is known. For a healthy mood, it is necessary to take advantage of natural fruits instead of white sugar. Follow these recommendations to avoid autumn depression * Take care of a healthy diet: Carbohydrate and sugar-based diet causes sudden changes in blood sugar makes you feel more tired. Therefore, you should adopt a healthy diet that is rich in vegetables and fruits. * Sleep regularly: Sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time. Your sleep rhythm is also a determinant of your energy balance. Sleeping and waking up at the same time on a regular basis reduces the decrease in your energy level. Thus, you become more resistant to seasonal changes.* Start your day with a good breakfast: A healthy breakfast gives you a healthy start to the day. Going out on an empty stomach causes your nerves to be affected by external factors very quickly. Therefore, do not start the day without breakfast. * Take the time to your friends: You can spend time with your friends in autumn as well as in summer. Spending time with people you love will make you happy. • Take short breaks at work: Although things have started to intensify with the fall, you should take short breaks to keep your mind at ease. • Try to plan the activities you enjoy: You can make new plans for your life and get different hobbies. This will make you feel much better. • Remember that you have a good holiday: Although it is finished, remember that you have a nice holiday. Keep in mind that you are ready for new responsibilities. • Don't forget that autumn also has beauty: During the summer months you can spend time away from activities such as cinema and theater. • Exercise regularly, even in short walks: Exercise is a special time zone. It is also one of the important factors that keep your body healthy. With regular exercise you can feel much more vigorous. Even if you have experienced all these symptoms for 2 weeks, you should seek expert help.

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