Time to stroll!

Time to stroll!

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Spring came. Is there any better time to walk around in the parks, the coastal road, the streets? Don't think, “Wouldn't it be difficult to walk around with the child?. Just because you have children doesn't mean you can't walk anymore! If you choose the most suitable stroller in terms of comfort and safety of your baby, you can stroll with your child.

Do not skip these points when choosing a stroller

The stroller you choose should respond to your needs. The location of your house, whether it is detached or not, is the main factor that determines the choice. Other factors can be listed as follows:

Use time: A stroller is ideal for the baby up to three years of age. Keep in mind that in the first months, cars that can be kept in a supine position, which can be turned into a stroller when the baby grows, are more useful.

Security: In the stroller, the seat belt is a must. The belt should pass over the shoulder and be so that the baby cannot open it.

Should be adjustable: The stroller needs to be adjustable according to the reclining position. In this way, your baby is sleeping while putting him in the supine position to prevent the formation of pressure is possible. 360 degree rotation of the front wheels in the stroller increases maneuverability on rough roads. The automatic brakes ensure the safety of your baby.

In the meantime, we will have a suggestion for those who have twin babies: When buying strollers for more than one baby, you should prefer the models that are placed one after the other, not side by side. Curb height, stiffness can force large strollers.

Strolling in a stroller…

• Never forget to fasten the belts. Never connect missing. Keep in mind to check before going out.
• To prevent the stroller from tipping backwards, do not hang weights such as bags or bags on the handle.
• Make sure the stroller is fully opened. Keep your child away from the stroller when opening and closing.
• Be sure to use sun visor during the summer months.
• Clean the pram accessories from time to time. Remember to even wipe the wheels.

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