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The baby's home bladders, which are produced in accordance with the anatomy of the baby, are generally not used for carrying, but are used for the baby's comfort and joyful time. With the baby's lap, the mother can adjust the bed angle to the baby and protect her from the possible dangers. Swinging the main arms of the baby is easier to sleep, feeding and moving is also one of the models preferred by mothers. The most important reason for this is that it eliminates the need for families to take the mother's lap and the car seat separately. The main lugs, which can be easily mounted on different vehicles, provide the same function as the car seat, allowing the two needs to be met with a single product. Regardless of the way the mother's lap is tied, the important thing is that it is connected upside down, ie at the rear of the car, at least until the baby is one year old. Although the recommended period is until the baby reaches the age of one, it is useful to reverse the parent's lap unless he is disturbed. The reason for this is that babies' heads are larger than their bodies and will put pressure on the neck of the head in the event of a possible accident. When the mother's lap is mounted upside down, the baby moves in the direction of the car's movement in the event of an accident, and the protective materials on the back of the head prevent her from being damaged. to be; product should be easy to hold and portable, the inner part of the antiperspirant, antibacterial fabric should pay attention to features such as.


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