Best time for IVF treatment

Best time for IVF treatment

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In vitro fertilization can be applied if the mother's ovarian ducts are damaged. If there are problems in the sperm of the father of the father can be applied for IVF treatment for the couple. In general, all infertility diseases can be treated with IVF and serious chances of pregnancy can be experienced.What are the conditions required for the in vitro fertilization of the expectant mother?• If the mother candidate has a very mild endometriosis, • If she has ovulation problems due to polycystic ovary, • The candidate mother may also have mild sperm disorders, • In addition, ovulation induction condition, With the vaccination method applied, pregnancy can be provided in couples after an infertility treatment. In addition, vaccination method can be tried up to 6 times. In addition, the vaccination method has been tried 3 times and the chance of pregnancy after vaccination is quite high. If there is no pregnancy after 3 vaccinations, it is also a great benefit to start IVF treatment because the chance of retrying may be reduced. However, if the mother has a polycystic ovary problem, success can also be achieved after the vaccination method is tried more.Unexplained infertility conditionsIn this patient group, if infertility problem is more than 3 years, IVF treatment can be applied directly. However, if the expectant mother is over 35 years old, treatment should be started beforehand.Maternal Candidate Hormone Hand DisordersIf the mother has regular ovulation and still does not have a pregnancy, IVF treatment should be started.Your endometriosis?If the mother has a mild or moderate endometriosis and the cause of unexplained infertility can be applied in vitro fertilization.Infertility factor in men?• If the sperm amount of the father is less than 1 million, then microinjection should be applied • If the sperm amount of the father is around 1 and 10 million and the infertility problems continue for more than 2 years, the IVF method should be preferred. • Another infertility problem, in addition to obesity, and other environmental factors, lead to infertility problems.

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