Baby safety considerations

Baby safety considerations

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There are some things to consider about your baby's safety. Child Health and Diseases Specialist Anıl Yeşildağ says and warns families at some point: “As much as you pay attention, it is possible that you will overlook some potential, the danger of falling and the general safety principles in your home. An

Helping your baby stay safe:

Keep some heavy and fragile objects such as picture frames and ceramics away from your baby's carriage and bed so that it cannot reach out and drop them.

Keep the baby bed and stroller away from windows, window strips and chandeliers so that the baby does not get caught on the ropes, suffocate or fall down the window.

Parents, relatives and carers may drop the baby for reasons such as poor lighting, incontinence, or incontinence. You are probably aware of these types of dangers at home, and you can naturally keep yourself away from them. But your relatives or carer may not be able to do this.

It is always recommended that you mount the long and hanging parts of the curtains securely on the wall. Pay particular attention to anything that might fall on your child and prevent him from accessing it.

Have handy smoke detectors in each room. If you live in a multi-storey house, you should have at least one fire extinguisher on each floor. As the baby grows, it is useful to develop safeguards by considering the dangerous things you can do with your observation.
It is always better to handle these issues before the baby is born.

Balcony security:

Terraces and balconies are often dangerous to children. The most serious of these hazards is hanging on railings or falling down. You should be aware of the dangers that we observe from time to time in the press. A 4-year-old girl who drowned between her feet trying to open a portable table at the time of writing was a bitter example of how we should be aware that dangers may come from unexpected places.

If your terrace or balcony railings have horizontal or vertical spacing wide enough for a baby to cross, you will need to make some changes. It is necessary to narrow their range.

If there are external staircases extending from your terrace or balcony to the floor, it is best to make a door that matches your existing railings. Make sure that the door lock is away from your child's reach.

Preventing Accidents:
• Keep small hard objects and pieces of food away from children. Check all of your child's toys so that they do not bite or swallow, which can lead to obstruction of the trachea. Age selection is necessary when choosing toys.

• Before your baby starts crawling, check for unsafe stoves, idle electrical wires, sockets (use protection covers) within reach of a toddler.

• All children's clothing must be fire resistant. Write down a corner of your brain as a subject that should be known and recommended, although it is not always possible to provide it.

• Place railings on accessible windows and stairs.

• Keep all medicines and toxic substances out of reach and locked.

• Make all childrens' closets lids that cannot be opened.

• All aquariums and fish ponds must be absolutely inaccessible. Never leave the baby near a bathtub with water.

• Be cautious against scalding; always turn the handles of pots and pans out of the reach of children. Never drink hot drinks while your baby is in your arms.

• Protect your baby against sunburn with creams and hats. Even with these guards, do not expose them to the sun from 10:30 to 16:00

• Learn how to apply artificial respiration and cardiac massage. If accidents occur, you may need to apply first aid immediately. It is a good idea to have a first aid kit at hand for this situation. Know what to do if something gets into your child's throat and do it without panic.


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