Protect your child from external ear infection!

Protect your child from external ear infection!

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Too risky to stay in water and use ear stickThe outer ear canal is well protected and self-cleaning. However, various infections such as fungi, viruses and bacteria can affect this area. Any factor that removes the protective oily layer covering the outer ear canal causes bacteria to enter the skin and cause external ear infection. The protective oily layer is damaged especially when trying to clean the external ear canal with various tools such as excessive water and ear stick. Adding to this is swimming in polluted seas and pools that are not regularly maintained, external ear infection is inevitable.
The most important symptom is intolerable painPain is the most disturbing symptom of external ear canal infection, usually caused by hearing loss and congestion in the ear. In some patients, the pain is severe enough to prevent the person from opening and closing their mouth. Because the external auditory canal is swollen and filled with discharge, patients may also experience pain during the examination.
If untreated, it may recur frequentlyThe external ear canal infection, which is a very easy diagnosis, can become chronic and cause frequent acute attacks if left untreated. In particular, patients with diabetes or immune system disorders should not neglect the treatment of external ear infections.
Treatment should be planned according to the patient's condition Antibiotic and cortisone drops are generally sufficient for the treatment of the disease. In some cases, in addition to treatment, ear care by the physician is also needed. Drops cannot be used in patients with very swollen external ear canal. In these cases, the cotton placed in the external ear canal is wetted with medications and treatment is made effective.

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