Can laporoscopic surgery be performed during pregnancy?

Can laporoscopic surgery be performed during pregnancy?

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Can laparoscopy be applied to each patient group?Laparoscopy is a highly developed and extremely widespread practice. Nowadays it is applied for almost every disease. However, laparoscopy can be difficult in some patient groups. they have previously undergone any surgical procedures related to the abdominal region, heart disease, lung disease and trauma. Is laparoscopy safer than open surgery?Laparoscopic surgery has become more secure as it becomes widespread. In the first years of laparoscopy, some complications developed as in other surgeries. However, the complications that may occur with experience and experience are minimized. However, it is never true to say that every surgical procedure is 100% reliable and each procedure has its own risks. If the risk of developing risk increases during laparoscopy, open surgery can be performed. But this return laparoscopy is never a failure. It is the right approach for the safety of the patient.Does laparoscopic surgery have any disadvantages?What is important in laparoscopic surgery is the experience of the physician performing the surgical procedure. In laparoscopic surgeries, other organs of the patient may be damaged by an incorrect intervention. As it is inflated using intra-abdominal gas, blood circulation may stop and as a result vascular blockage may occur. However, precautionary measures are taken for such complications and intervention is started later.Can laparoscopic surgery be performed in children and pregnant women?Laparoscopic surgery can be performed safely in both groups. However, pregnant women should be serious enough to wait for the birth of the disease. Otherwise, it makes more sense to wait for the birth. Laparoscopic surgery can also be performed in children.

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