Things to consider when choosing furniture for the baby room!

Things to consider when choosing furniture for the baby room!

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Beds are places where babies and small children can easily be injured, so it is necessary to pay attention to safety. Especially if you are using a bed that you take over from someone else.

1-The panels or boards on the side should be spaced 50-95 mm, because fingers, head hands or arms may be trapped in larger intervals.

2-The gap between the crib and the bed should be less than 25 mm.

3-Note that there are no holes to pinch the fingers.

4-Should not be close to plugs

5-When the baby is born, the bed may be at the top to reduce the back pain of adults, but when it starts to sit, it should be taken to the lowest point so that there is no risk of skipping.

6- The bed must be hard. The pillow should not be used until the age of two. Blankets and quilts should not be used until the age of one, if possible, the child should be put in a sleeping bag.

7-Glass should be away from the edges


When they are able to sit on their own chairs, they begin to sit (usually 6-8 months).

1-There must be a solid model that will not fall over quickly.

2-Should be easy to clean.

3-The child cannot move the tray

4-The child must be fastened with a seat belt

5-Plugs, sockets, cables should be kept away.

Changing table

Frequent injuries are observed at these tables. The use of these tables can also be changed on the floor by placing a large, clean towel under the dolls.

On subchange tables if used

1-Should have an elevation or seat belt on the sides (to prevent the baby from falling off)

2-There should not be holes in the fingers.

3- It should be away from the plugs from the glass edges and plugs.

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