Manual treatment recommendations for ankle sprain in pregnant women

Manual treatment recommendations for ankle sprain in pregnant women

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Okan University Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Department Asst. Assoc. Dr. Gamze Şenbursa provides important information for those who care about ankle sprain:Why is our foot sprained?Ankle sprain that has happened to every human being at some stage of his life. It is often seen as a result of the foot falling into the void with the feeling that there is a ladder, high-heeled shoes, while doing sports and / or the wrong choice of sneakers or falling.Watch out for the last months of pregnancy!Ankle trauma is a common condition in pregnancy, especially in recent months. In pregnancy, this condition develops due to relaxin hormone. Relaxin is a hormone that is secreted in the ovaries only during pregnancy. It relaxes the ligaments between the joints of the hip bone during pregnancy and also has the effect of softening and expanding the cervix and facilitating birth. This hormone, which acts not only in birth-related regions but also in other ligaments in the body, causes loosening of the ligaments around the ankle mostly due to increased body weight and swelling of the feet. As the elasticity of the bonds increases as a result of excessive relaxation, the ground between the people and the foot rotation is prepared.If you force small veins will breakAs a result of excessive force that may occur in the joint, some small vessels break with the fibers. As a result, around the ankle: • Pain • Swelling • Redness, bruising after a few days • Sensitivity to touch • Pain and inability to step on it.Apply ice firstAt this point; The first thing to do is to position the ankle above the heart level and apply ice. This can help to reduce swelling and pain in the ankle.The most effective way of manual treatmentThe sensitivity that occurs when you touch it depends on the damage of the ligaments. The most effective way to treat ligament injuries is Manual Therapy. Manual Therapy is one of the most current treatment approaches in recent years. Basis; It is based on manual examination and manual treatment. This method was also used by Hippocrates and Gallen for treatment in their own time. After the examination of the ligaments around the ankle, friction massage can be used as a manual treatment method for the ligaments required. In this way, the blood supply of the injury site is regulated so that healing agents can be introduced and the body is guided to the restoration of the ligaments.Recurrence after pregnancyOne of the important points of treatment is kinesio taping. The selection of the most appropriate taping methods, both in support of the injured area and in raising awareness and in reducing swelling and bruising, will contribute to the improvement.You be the ankle sprainBecause; an untreated ankle sprain during pregnancy may make you more susceptible to such injuries after pregnancy. Repetitive and untreated ankle traumas may present with problems that may threaten the health of the knee, hip, waist and spine in the future.

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