The boys are threatened with cigarette smoke!

The boys are threatened with cigarette smoke!

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Dr. Bayındır Hospital Söğütözü Chest Diseases Department. Dilek Aydin, 75 percent of primary school children are in the position of passive smokers, he said.

Dr. Aydin said that, due to smoking-related diseases every year in Turkey reported that 100 thousand people died at an early age.

Stating that children are most exposed to smoking, Assoc. Dr. Aydin, "75 percent of primary school children in the position of passive smokers," he said.

Aydin warns parents not to smoke in addition to children, Aydin, said that smoking creates a great risk for the baby in the womb.

Aydın continued: ”The risk of sudden infant mortality increases 2.5 times if the mother smokes or is exposed to passive smoking during pregnancy. In addition to all these, if you smoke inside the house with the baby, it is a great danger. Because, in this case, the rate of admission to hospital is 3 times higher than the normal baby. The risk of sudden infant death increases by 2.5 times. Colic-style abdominal pain in infants is increased by 2 times.
The incidence of lung cancer and chronic bronchitis is increasing in children. ”

If the mother and father smoking cigarettes 5-6 cigarettes per day in the urine of children who are identified as nicotine records Aydin, eye irritation, watering, burning, headache, nasal discomfort, discharge, cough, sore throat, heart and blood pressure increase, increase in respiratory complaints , infections, exacerbations of existing diseases, such as emerged effects, he said.

By 2034, cigarettes AIDS, tuberculosis, traffic accidents, maternal deaths, suicide and killings predicted that more people would lead to the death of Aydin pointed out that if effective measures taken 250 million children would die from smoking in the world, he said.

Aydin, which makes the analysis of smoking-related deaths, one-fourth of heart disease deaths, one-third of chronic lung disease deaths caused by smoking, he said. 5.4 million people per year in the world died due to smoking, stressing that a person died in 6.4 seconds Aydin, taking into account all these elements should be put into the use of cigarettes, he argued. Aydın, sigara Smoking during pregnancy causes both short weight gain and short stature in the baby. This growth retardation brings the risk of infant mortality. In addition, abortion and placental problems can be seen in women who smoke during pregnancy or when pregnant, but postpartum respiratory distress, growth retardation, mental and behavioral retardation can be seen. ”

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