Hygiene is essential to protect against winter diseases!

Hygiene is essential to protect against winter diseases!

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In winter, most viruses and bacteria-transmitted diseases are seen in children. Because viruses can easily spread from one child to another, or from an adult to a child, as infected droplets are suspended in the air and inhaled. Sometimes sneezing, sneezing spread to the environment, containing the virus in these droplets, cling to the surrounding objects. When the other children take these objects into their mouths, they can catch the virus.

Describing ways to protect children from winter diseases Anadolu Health Center Child Health and Diseases Specialist Contact Ebru directly more droplet infection in the winter months from children to children transmitted diseases are seen.

Child Health and Diseases Specialist Ebru Gözer lists the diseases that await children in winter:

• Flu
• Flu
• Throat infection
• Pneumonia
• Bronchiolitis and bronchitis
• Middle ear inflammation
• Whooping cough
Rash diseases transmitted in winter
• Rubella
• Measles
• Water Flower
• Sixth Disease

Which children are more at risk?

Child Health and Diseases Specialist Ebru Gözer, both viral and bacterial diseases in terms of children entering the crowded environment is more at risk. “However, in terms of respiratory diseases, children with asthma and allergies, children in crowded families, small babies, children who go to school and also have a small baby in the baby is in the risk group, Dr. said Dr. Ebru Gözer, because that baby is at risk of catching infections brought by school brother or sister says.
Dr. Dr. Ebru Gozer, the disease of children with diabetes by expressing the flu is more severe, innate immune system or cancer treatment of children at risk is underlined.

How should children at risk be protected from these diseases?

Child Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Ebru Gozer, all children in the risk group should be vaccinated against influenza and other respiratory diseases. With the flu vaccine, all the flu infections and flu after children to face tympanic infections, and even more serious health problems such as pneumonia can be prevented reminding. Ebru Gözer, “The American Academy of Pediatrics has put the flu vaccine in children on a routine vaccination schedule. Children up to the first three years, two doses are given at intervals of one month. Then a dose is given every year. ”

Give children the habit of hand washing

Emphasizing that hygiene rules should be followed for health, Anadolu Health Center Child Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Ebru Gözer said, gerekli It is very important to take the necessary cleaning measures in kindergartens and schools, to clean toys, surfaces properly and above all, to educate children about hygiene rules from a small age. Special attention should be given to hand cleaning. Children should be taught that they should wash their hands with soap and water in the appropriate time. Konuşuy

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