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What sport should my child do?

What sport should my child do?

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Not only watching, but playing generations need to be educatedSport is a very important tool that supports the physical, mental and spiritual development of children. At the same time, children's self-confidence is enhanced through sports and they make new friends. As a return to modern living conditions, new generations live without moving too much. Diseases caused by weight gain due to still life is increasing day by day. For this reason, families need to give their children sports habits at a very young age, not only watching sports competitions, but also raising generations who play in person.The best sport for the child is his favorite sportThe most important point in the selection of suitable sports for the child is the selection of the area of ​​interest and entertainment. If the selected club is correct, it doesn't matter what sport it is in the first place. Because in most sports the basic movements are very similar. After doing the sport they enjoy, children can easily move to another sport branch they want over time.What sport should you start at how old?If your goal is not to direct your child to professional sports, you can start any sport you want at any age. However, it is important to draw a suitable program for your child and start special training in the future, not in the early period. Therefore, although the age of starting certain sports is stated, the basic rule is that instead of performing very special training at an early age, it is necessary to concentrate on more basic and technical techniques. Although the ages of children are the same, their physiological age may not be the same. Therefore, physiological age must be taken into consideration.2-3 YearsThey can do basic movements like running, catching and jumping. Therefore, sports preferences include running in the garden, walking, dancing, playing under water supervision and gymnastics training with experienced people.4-6 YearsIn this age, dance, swimming, gymnastics, skipping rope, you have my hand, hopscotch and tricycle riding, such as sports are ideal.7-10 YearsThey can start basic training on sports such as gymnastics, swimming, football, basketball, volleyball, handball, cycling, tennis and swimming and a combination of these.After 10 yearsThey can start athletics, wrestling and rowing as they continue to organize sports in a more organized age. After a few years, it is appropriate to start boxing, taekwondo and karate, which require more force.Control is essential if you have a chronic diseaseThe child does not have a chronic disease and does not require a special examination if he has undergone a medical examination at most 6 months before starting sports. However, if the child has a chronic or acute illness, it must be reviewed by the attending physician before starting sports. It is much more accurate to perform the examination according to the examination findings determined by the physician instead of requesting routine blood tests, ECG, lung film and echocardiography.

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