How do we protect our children from summer diseases?

How do we protect our children from summer diseases?

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Experts, the summer season with the increase in heat threatens children; warns against food poisoning, insect bites, summer diarrhea, rashes and sunburn.Kadıköy Şifa Child Health and Diseases Specialist View Nilgün's Full Profile with the arrival of the summer season, taking measures against increasing diseases, says that children should be protected.

Child Health and Diseases Specialist Nilgün Gökyayla explains the diseases that threaten children as follows; 'The most common complaints in the summer as a pediatrician are summer diarrhea, food poisoning, insect bites and stings, heatstroke, sun burns and rashes. Very simple precautions should be taken to prevent these diseases. '

In this season, the most common discomfort in children is summer diarrhea stating that Exp. Dr. Nilgün Gökyayla states that infections are the leading causes of this disease in our country, vomiting with diarrhea, abdominal pain and fever.

Formation of summer diarrhea, protection method and treatment. Dr. Nilgün Gökyayla explains: 'Summer diarrhea is transmitted by feces, dirty water, unwashed food and pool water. The intestines are protected from germs by paying attention to hygiene rules, especially by thoroughly washing food and drinking clean water. Dietary diarrhea children, rice flour, starch, potatoes such as potatoes with complex carbohydrate soft puree should be used. Yogurt should be included in diarrhea diet because it helps intestinal enzymes'

Food poisoning is one of the most common summer diseases that says Child Health and Diseases Specialist. Nilgün Gökyayla states that the food breaks down quickly in the heat and therefore the foods should be kept in the refrigerator even if cooked. He emphasizes that milk and dairy products should also be taken from safe centers by expiration date.

Insect biting and stings a large part of the pain, redness and swelling, such as reactions seen in Child Health and Diseases Specialist Dr.. Nilgün Gökyayla says that cold compresses and painkillers will be enough against these reactions. Specialist Nilgün Gökyayla; In case of reactions such as malaria, a health center should be consulted immediately. Insecticide lotions and patches can be used as a precaution. In babies, only precautions should be taken with mosquito net '

Heatstroke Exposure to excessive heat and cramps, weakness, fainting, such as reactions that explain Exp. Dr. Nilgün Gökyayla; 'The first intervention is to take off the clothes and allow the body to be cooled. The child should be taken to a health center immediately. In order to protect children from heat stroke, plenty of water should be consumed and we should protect them from the sun especially when the sun's rays come upright and walk them with light clothes. '

Kadıköy Şifa Child Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Nilgün Gökyayla; In first degree burns, the skin becomes red, swollen and painful. Cold compresses should be applied to the burning area and moisturizers and painkillers should be used. Burns in the form of water-filled vesicles are second-degree burns and cold water should be applied as a treatment and should be immediately consulted to a health institution. In order to prevent sunburn in summer, at least 40-factor protective creams should be applied half an hour before sun exposure.

In many children in the summer and a skin disease rash that occurs as a result of blockage of sweat glands Uzm. Dr. Nilgün Gökyayla suggests that children should be dressed with thin cotton clothes and that they should be bathed frequently in order to prevent this disorder.

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