Curiosity about dreaming during pregnancy

Curiosity about dreaming during pregnancy

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In fact, the reason why you dream so often is that you often
you are waking up and your sleep pattern is disrupted. Most of the dreams
it is seen in the transition from deep sleep to waking. Pregnancy
period, you often dream more often because you're in sleep mode close to waking up.
is inevitable. Pregnancy hormones are also effective in frequent dreaming
is known.

So what do these dreams mean? Actually before
As we said, these dreams are the expression of the subconscious.
assessable. In this period, already in an intense mood
dreams that you fear, fear, fear of

In addition, different periods of your pregnancy, different themes
it is also possible that you have dreams. Because every different period, mother
for the island, it means different moods.

Your dreams, worries and fears
and that these dreams negatively affect your psychology.
Do not let it affect. Share your dreams with your loved ones and their
Feeling your support will alleviate your worries.

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