Pregnancy and diet

Pregnancy and diet

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Dieting during pregnancy is generally not recommended. According to experts,
9-13 kg of pregnant women. weight gain is natural.

During the development of the baby, all the needs of the mother's resources
It is located. Balanced nutrition of mothers, good energy for their babies
is enough to create the source.

Limiting weight gain during pregnancy can cause miscarriage or infant
may cause weakness. Infants born less than 2.8 kilograms
resistance. Weight problem that almost every woman is sensitive
is an issue. However, pregnancy is a "temporary"
It should be noted that the period.

It is not recommended to increase your daily calorie intake during the first 3 months of pregnancy.
In the 3-6 month period, it is beneficial to increase the amount of calories. This period
is the period in which your body begins to store fat. Weight gain in 6-9 months
gradually begin to increase. Your hands and feet may swell. All
these are the usual processes of pregnancy. It does not flurry and
it is worth remembering that you will return as energy during breastfeeding.

You should take care to exercise regularly, under the supervision of a doctor.
Light weight paced walks and simple body exercises
obstacles. Approximately 4-5 pounds of weight taken during pregnancy, just after birth
expense. After pregnancy, more intense and faster exercises with your excess weight
Remember that you can get rid of it more easily.

Thanks to breastfeeding, even if mothers do not do any sports,
It burns 1500 calories. Weight gain is the sine qua non of an efficient breastfeeding.
Inadequate and unbalanced diet during pregnancy, unhealthy in the development of the baby
cause a functioning. In the mother, tooth and bone loss, anemia, edema, labor force
loss and weakness.

Hypertension, diabetes, birth difficulties in very overweight pregnant women
problems may appear. Pregnant mothers to prevent all these negativities
should be monitored regularly by physicians.

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