Nausea during pregnancy

Nausea during pregnancy

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Nausea in pregnancy is one of the most common complaints. Especially
In the first months, 90% of you expectant mothers experience this condition. This
We recommend you not to worry too much, because nausea is psychological
factors can also trigger.

Why in pregnancy
do you experience nausea?

The most important cause of nausea in this period, of course,
are hormones that increase due to pregnancy. With the enhancement of the hormone B-HCG
together with nausea and again at the end of week 12
Your nausea complaints also decrease.
Apart from these, during pregnancy, increased stomach acid again, odors
sensitivity, constant fatigue and weakness, stress, excessive sensuality
factors may cause nausea.

What does your nausea start and end?

These nausea are usually
It starts in the first month, but may vary in some mothers and may be longer. Generally
After the 12th and 13th weeks of pregnancy, nausea ceases. This
the process may rarely last long and may even continue until birth. Another concern of some expectant mothers during pregnancy
no nausea. Since hormonal events may vary from body to body;
complaints such as nausea and vomiting may not occur. This event with your baby
does not indicate a problem.

Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy
Is more harmful to your baby?

Excessive nausea, pregnancy and your baby
it does not create any problems.
Eat too much in the first weeks of your pregnancy due to nausea
you can not eat and you may not gain weight, and also know the weak. This
situations are all usual. In such cases you can think of such complaints
Bring it to pass after a while and relax. So that your pregnancy is more comfortable
and maintain it in a healthy way.

What should you do to reduce your nausea during pregnancy?

1- During your pregnancy, lean and
you should prefer light foods.

2- Similarly, bloating in your stomach
you should consume food and drinks that do not.

3- As you wake up biscuits, chickpeas, breadcrumbs
eating food in style will cut your nausea.

4- Bread during the day, lean rice
Pilaf, boiled potatoes, such as foods to relieve nausea.

5- Dairy products such as yogurt, cheese
Good for your stomach.

6- Herbal teas such as ginger and mint
relaxes your stomach.

7- You should consume liquid foods between meals.

8- Take care not to consume spicy, oily and carbonated foods

In addition to all these, you can relax and keep yourself away from stress.
There are benefits. At the same time, your doctor again for long-term complaints
Do not forget to appear.
Do not prescribe medication that your doctor does not recommend (even if it is herbal)
Do not use anything. Although you may have nausea during this period,
Enjoy your pregnancy.

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