Edema of the legs after pregnancy

Edema of the legs after pregnancy

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during the mother's ankles, feet and fingers swelling during the
edema may occur. This is a common condition. The reason for this period
body is holding more water than normal. However, with the growth of the baby
the uterus, which grows in direct proportion, exerts pressure on the vein and
makes it difficult to return to the heart. The hormonal changes experienced by the body
has a role in the matter. One of the causes of swelling and edema in the feet
hot and humid environments.

edema of the legs in the postpartum
state parties.

How to remove the swelling of the feet?

avoid standing for a while,

stay away from sitting on your legs,

and try not to be in humid environments,

lying on your left side care. In this way the main cannons vein
you reduce the pressure.

choose to wear shoes. The best ones for pregnant women
ones. It was made of socks with rubber on the top and squeezing your feet.
Do not choose.

your -Feet
Try to lie by keeping it above the level of your heart as long as possible.
You can lie down by placing a pillow under your feet or by placing it on the arm of the seat.

day to consume at least 2 liters of liquid. Excessive on your feet
consuming too much liquid to get rid of the liquid may seem wrong to you, but more
the liquid consumed may cause the extra swelling to be removed from the body.
It provides.

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Try to reduce salt. To reduce swelling, rather than cutting the salt completely
use. Otherwise, your feet will swell again.

Exercise regularly and tirelessly.

Foot exercises

your -Feet
bend and stretch your wrists up and down 30 times.

your -Feet
turn the wrists 8 times on both sides in a circular manner.

What are the conditions of foot swelling
negativity is experienced?

I -Both
Having swelling as well as redness.

of the foot
pain when moving from the wrist, moving forward and backward.



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