Milk consumption before pregnancy

Milk consumption before pregnancy

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During pregnancy, the mother's milk consumption is an important
The concept is. Most of the mothers are nausea in the first months
they cannot drink and can also be consumed by their families and
They forced.

Pre-pregnancy milk consumption not during pregnancy
The milk consumed is an important ingredient for calcium and protein that your baby needs.
food store. However, lactose intolerance and gas-nausea in some pregnant women
can not drink because of complaints. Although drinking milk in the first months is not so important
calcium is of great importance for bone development from the 20th week of pregnancy
It carries.

What effects
would you?

If you cannot drink milk during pregnancy and calcium
if you can't get it, your baby will use calcium in your storage.
However, as a result, calcium stores in the mother's bones will decrease and
future bone pain, bone resorption will cause problems such as.

Calcium deficiency in pregnancy
complaints of numbness in hands and cramps in legs
symptoms are seen. In these cases, it is likely that your
You may want to take calcium tablets. Thus, contraction and
you will be able to resolve your numbness complaints.

If you can not drink milk during pregnancy, instead;

-A bowl of yogurt

-2 pieces of karper cheese

-2 cheese-sized matches, especially cheddar

-1 servings of broccoli can be enjoyed.

General advice when consuming milk and dairy products light and non-fat
You can choose the products. Although this suggestion seems unreasonable at first
The amount of calcium in milk, cheese and yoghurt is higher. Oil
you do not take unnecessary weight. Use of these products
There is also no harm to your baby.

Before you become pregnant
will help you to have a more comfortable and healthy pregnancy. This situation only
not only for you but also for your baby.
It provides. Pay particular attention to the use of folic acid before
you should get help from a doctor who is an expert in this field.

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