Diarrhea before pregnancy

Diarrhea before pregnancy

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During Pregnancy
diarrhea occurring in the embarrassment of mothers
It is one.

During Pregnancy
experienced diarrhea, usually poor
nutrition and excessive milk consumption. Except this,
food poisoning may also occur.

During Pregnancy
diarrhea, usually caused by simple bowel cramps and soft feces.
may be related to intestinal infection.

normal stools or watery stools are defined as stools having a looser consistency.
They are also associated with a frequency that is more
may be relevant. Therefore, during early pregnancy, at work hormonal
diarrhea in the first trimester of pregnancy. Abdomen
In fever, mucus or bloody stool is usually not a serious condition.

for long-term diarrhea outside the expectant mother, developing with bacteria
infectious diseases such as cholera. In some cases the top
may be a precursor of a respiratory disease.

diarrhea does not adversely affect the baby. This is usually the case
can be taken care of by the digestive system of the expectant mother. But in the expectant mother,
dehydrastation with severe fluid loss, the baby
affected. In such a case, the mother lost liquid and petroleum
route or serum is usually sufficient.

Treatment of diarrhea varies according to the severity of the condition. Seen during pregnancy
most diarrhea, as in non-pregnant women consumption of defective foods
after and short-term diarrhea is self-healing. Like this
diarrhea usually resolves after 24 hours. In this period, the expectant mother
it is important to replace the lost water. To prevent loss of water
plenty of fluids is recommended.

If diarrhea occurs as a result of food poisoning,
diarrhea treatment, diarrhea causing bacteria to be excreted in the feces

Vegetables and
Before consuming the fruit, it should be absolutely washed with plenty of water. Especially lettuce,
belly, spinach and tomatoes, such as vinegar water is useful to keep in vinegar.

drug treatment in diarrhea during the process may be inconvenient to
serum treatment is applied. Thus, the expectant mother protected the unborn baby.
It will be.

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