Varicose veins after pregnancy

Varicose veins after pregnancy

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varicose veins with hormonal secretions and load on legs
formation accelerates. Because during pregnancy, blood to meet the needs of the baby
volume is increasing to show itself. Therefore, in the veins
There's too much blood. In this case, the accumulation of blood in the legs more

Doctor on call
varices seen during pregnancy, more in the uterus of the baby, groin
it occurs as a result of pressure on the veins. Depending on this pressure
also have difficulty in pumping blood into the heart and
causes. In addition, weight gain during pregnancy, the mother
leads to expansion of the vessel walls.

If you do not take precautions and do not receive treatment, this may last a lifetime. heir
not only as a spot on the skin, but as a health problem.
You must act accordingly.

Precautions for Varicose Veins in Pregnancy

Do not stand more. Instead of sitting cross-legged,
stretch your legs or put a chair under your feet.

Try not to take and exercise for it.

Do not be. If necessary, take a precautionary measure or consult your doctor.

The occurrence and pains will increase with smoking.

Narrow interior
lingerie, tight pants and shoes to squeeze our feet for a while.

If your heir continues to increase despite the precautions you take,

the Skleoterap

Purple and
var Sclerotherapy ”method is used for varicose veins in red color. But
this treatment only responds positively to varicose veins. In this treatment,
The drug is injected into varicose veins. Don't worry, it's the tip of the needle.
so small that you don't feel any pain with this method. Intravenous
scleotherapy, medication, allows the disappearance of varicose veins. The operation is only a few
takes minutes. After your treatment, you can return to your normal life.
You can return.



No longer
The laser method used for most diseases is also quite effective in treating varicose veins.
It is effective. This method is used for varices less than 1mm. This size
varicose veins are also considered the finest varicose veins. Red colored and capillary
you can guess when you see it in vein form. Anesthesia in this application
It is not allowed. Only ice or cream is applied to the area to be treated. Laser
The method can take an average of 3 sessions. For this application lasting about 10 minutes
winter season will be useful to choose.



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