Does myoma occur after pregnancy?

Does myoma occur after pregnancy?

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Fibroids in the uterus and cervix
benign tumors that develop with muscle tissue. Mostly in women aged 35-44
visible and uterine fibroids after pregnancy
There is also the possibility of occurrence.

Also most
uterine fibroids already existing before pregnancy
or indirectly. Fibroids with estrogen hormone
they are likely to occur during pregnancy because they develop. But this
it is not very likely. Pregnant developing uterine fibroids during pregnancy
the proportion of women varies between 10-30%. High probability
The condition is the decrease in the blood supply to fibroids as pregnancy progresses. blood supply
the amount of food and oxygen reaching the fibroids
It takes place. In this case, abdominal pain and rest, plenty of fluid
consumption is controlled by the situation.

tenderness after uterine fibroids with increased estrogen during pregnancy
Show. Fibroids after pregnancy decreasing
it decreases with the amount of estrogen and can disappear spontaneously. we're talking about
Estrogen amount-uterine fibroid production due to the relationship uterine fibroids after pregnancy formation is quite unlikely.

during or uterine fibroids
estrogen-independent causes of its formation are not entirely clear. But
Research on the formation of uterine fibroids in overweight and sedentary women
evidence that it is often encountered. Abdominal region
run the abdominal muscles, making it cumbersome
helps to prevent.

Easily treated with fibroids
they are destructible; and benign fibroids.
Let's list the symptoms you will encounter in case of:

  • Pain in the uterus
  • Too many menstrual periods
  • Periods after menstruation
    light bleeding,
  • Abdomen and uterus
    noticeable growth,
  • Sexual intercourse and menstrual periods
    then pain in the waist and coccyx,
  • Frequent urination

if you observe these effects on your body or in any way uterine fibroids after pregnancy the formation
your doctor for examination and treatment, if necessary.
You have to look.

on the other hand
When fibroids are small, there is no shortage of the body. This
continuous control of uterine fibroids in cases
is the most effective treatment. Larger sizes
Surgical methods are preferred for the treatment of fibroids. myomas
control and follow-up by an expert physician
as long as it is done, the negative effects of fibroids will be reduced to a much lesser extent.

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