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Living with gifted children

Living with gifted children

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TUZDER President Tunahan Coşkun explains what you wonder about superior intelligence.

How can parents understand that their child is gifted?

According to families, their children are usually intelligent. They compare their children to their relatives or neighbors and tell them that they are very intelligent, very intelligent or gifted. However, the percentage of gifted children in the population is around 2 percent. So if we take 100 random children, we can put the definition of gifted to the top 2 children. Children at the genius level are 1 child out of 1000. Identification of gifted or genius; family interviews, teacher interviews, observation of the child and ultimately intelligence tests. Although intelligence tests start at the age of 2, such a diagnosis can be made more often at the age of 4-5 years. Our advice to all children before starting school, intelligence and talent tests should be done so that they can diagnose. The diagnosis can be made according to the criteria I just mentioned. Gifted children are often sensitive individuals. They have an emotional structure, that is, when their blanket is not disturbing or fills up, it needs to be replaced immediately when it needs to use the toilet. Because the nerve endings are much more developed. Because neurons and snaptic bonds are overdeveloped, they affect other neural bonds in the body. They have a delicate structure. You should create an ideal environment. In fact, they are always disturbed by the scales and badges behind these clothes. These are symptoms, of course, but also every child with these symptoms is superior or not every superior child carries these symptoms definitively. Start to speak early, walk early, be more qualified than their peers. 'Enlarged in the shrink' is a bit of these children fits. For example, we give a gift, 3-4 years old child, "Why did you bother?", "What was needed?" He can give answers. They show a more mature appearance. Vocabulary can be much more advanced than their peers. So at this age, the child you say should not know this concept may be talking about those concepts. Sensitive to social events. The landslide, flood, and earthquake in a place may be interested in it and share the question of what can I do for it in the home environment. He is like a lawyer; it reminds you that your mother, father or teacher does not want to remember. “You said that, but you do that.” These are some of the symptoms. We can have children who speak when they are 6-8 months old. Again, there can be children who are 1.5-2 years old. If there is such a serious finding, we recommend that they have an intelligence ability test at an early age but apart from this, such a test is suitable for 3.5-4 years old. Tests are performed professionally by our expert psychologists. As well as the place of intelligence in the success of children; social, emotional and spiritual development, such as self-esteem, determination, moral values, human relations, and motivation, also play an important role. For this reason, we are running a program called BBT. This program aims to identify the mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of children by evaluating them in all aspects as well as identifying their intelligence level, raising their awareness on the subject and raising their awareness on what needs to be done. In this way, the developmental process of the child being screened from every aspect can be evaluated in a holistic way. If any problems are detected early and can be solved.

What should you do if your child is gifted?

Differentiated and enriched education programs are particularly effective in the education of gifted children. But this is the work that educational institutions should do. If the child is known to have superior characteristics; it can be ensured that a common understanding is formed by meeting with the administrators, guidance teachers and experts in this subject. In addition to institutional education, it is necessary to talk about what needs to be done in the home environment. Some of the things that families with superior children have to do are: • Speak in a healthy, strong and rich language of communication • Give peer wealth opportunities as much as possible, that is, with other peers with different developmental characteristics like themselves. to ensure their coexistence in educational and social environments. Especially if their children are not in a school that gives education to the superior • To determine the special interests of the child in areas such as painting, music and sports, to gain various experiences • To exchange ideas and research together on various topics of interest to the child • The opportunity to work on projects developed in his mind • Engaging in engaging mental activities such as logic puzzles, strategy and mind games • Sharing about daily events • Attention games, memory games, matching, etc. Play games like.

What should be considered in a gifted child?

In society, gifted children can be perceived as 'problematic children'. In most literature, it is highly contradictory to describe intelligence as 'ability to adapt to the environment', 'problem-solving ability' and think that these children are incompatible and problematic. Here is the critical point; Of course, gifted children can also have behavioral problems. However, this situation cannot be considered as they are generally problematic. The greatest risk in children with superior characteristics is that their self-perception is negatively affected when they learn their own superiority. When the perception of 'I am superior' is established, it is not right for them to give any message of humiliation, to dislike or directly or indirectly other children. In the approach to children, if the child is not aware of this special situation, not to raise it if he is aware of it “Yes, you can easily perceive the same skill as Ayşe's beautiful painting, your friend Mehmet playing beautiful basket or poetry kabul kabul but it is necessary to give discriminatory messages from other people.

How should gifted children be treated?

Gifted children; love, trust and understanding by others, recognition of their talent and superior intelligence, a group of friends to meet their social needs, academic environments where their potential will emerge and show themselves, knowing that they are children as well as their peers, supporting teachers and who understand themselves best parents need to be given the opportunity to make their own decisions, enriched environments appropriate to their hobbies and multifarious interests, and need to be encouraged and appreciated. There will be no significant loss, both individually and socially, if the family takes a conscious attitude towards exposing the child's existing capacity and developing the skills.

How is the future of gifted children planned?

Differentiated education for gifted children aims to maximize their development and individual achievement. Gifted students should receive training appropriate to their capacity. If this is not the case, it may cause them to become dull and psychologically distressed. Many gifted children can easily understand the subjects taught in a normal classroom without studying. They cannot acquire the habit of studying for this purpose. This negatively affects their future academic success. These children try to draw attention with their negative behaviors when they are not noticed or they do not get enough support. If the gifted child is identified, the teacher should offer a richer teaching opportunity. As TÜZDER, we operate as a training center that brings students together with expert instructors. Even gifted located between Park project we developed for teaching children and our most important project, the first of its kind in Turkey carries a wide scope and content. Genius Park; pre-school, primary and secondary school students. The trainings are carried out by specialized educators in specially prepared workshops for the development of gifted children. The workshops are designed and decorated to motivate children to be taught, and it is aimed to develop gifted children not only mentally but also in physical, emotional, social and spiritual fields. While all opportunities of technology are used in the education of children, scientific methods are applied in education. Thus, gifted children, who receive extraordinary education in culture, science and art, enjoy the privilege of discovering themselves. In addition, in this system, children go beyond theoretical knowledge because they are fully active in the educational process with their practices and reveal their creativity. We also provide free periodic training to the families of the children during their education so that they can be developed in the right way at home. At the end of the workshops, we give “Certificate of Participation ere to the students.

What are the duties of the parents?

Dreaming is very important for these children. What makes Mimar Sinan Mimar Sinan, makes famous orators orator, is a very rich imagination and thought structures. While we ask children to dream, parents sometimes make mistakes and want them to be realistic. They want them to be rational, realistic, and set their feet on the ground. They say, getirme Don't bring new customs to the old village! ”, Kurma Don't dream!”, Ma Don't fly above the clouds! ”, Çıkarma Don't invent!. First of all, we need to get rid of these patterns. Instead of giving ready answers to children's questions, they should ensure that they find the answers to their questions as much as possible. So if someone threw the ball at us, we don't have to hold it. Let's pass it. For example, if the child asked a question, ne What would you do, think about it, maybe you will find it. 'Pears cooked, fall in my mouth!', The logic of the two, one is not said to be presented in front of each of the children's financial development and intelligence development will be infertile. . We implement parental education programs. We also provide periodic trainings free of charge during their training at Dahi Park.

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