Things to do before getting pregnant

Things to do before getting pregnant

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Family is the cornerstone of society. A woman and a man are formed by the merger of multiplication and continue their lives. In other words, both the mother and father candidates should
It is a prerequisite that the other members of the family and the society have the necessary sensitivity.

In fact, it is thought that infertility and the necessary examinations after consulting the doctor after taking measures
the problem is not infertility and it appears to be very simple psychological factors like vitamin deficiency or stress. This also shows that it is inevitable that a mother expectant to pay attention to her social and physical life together with applying to a good physician and having her blood values ​​examined while preparing for the process.

What should be done before conception?

Attention should be paid to sleep and feeding patterns. Foods rich in vitamins and minerals are preferred
calcium-rich foods such as milk yogurt should be consumed, vegetables, fruits, high-quality protein for hormone-free fresh meat and fish should be consumed at regular intervals. Stress should be avoided. Because the mother candidates in this process
both hormonal balance changes and emotionally more fragile.

In this process, where the mother-to-be has different concerns for the baby, both she and her environment
should pay attention. While preparing to have a baby, rest and unclearness should not be confused, if possible regular exercises and walking should be done. You should pay attention to your body mass index. Excess weight will both delay your pregnancy and cause your body to become weak after you take the necessary vitamins from you, even if you are pregnant.

When should I go to the doctor to get pregnant?

In order to become pregnant, your hormonal balance must be appropriate. Adequate levels of the hormone prolactin, which the brain must secrete, is vital for both pregnancy and infant nutrition. In addition to measuring hormone and TSH levels in the mother's blood, blood group tests and rubella tests are other measures to be taken against blood incompatibility and infectious diseases.

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