Frequently Skin Changes in Pregnancy

Frequently Skin Changes in Pregnancy

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Redness of pregnancy: Your increased blood volume
it will cause your cheeks to get this nice redness. The reason is the skin
just below the surface of the blood vessels. Increased sebaceous glands
secretion gives your skin a radiant shine.

Pregnancy mask: late pregnancy
When you look in the right mirror you may feel like you are looking at someone else.
Brown and yellowish patches called chloasma all over your face
visible; but mostly on the forehead, upper cheek, nose and chin. Pregnancy
hormones estrogen and progesterone, melanin cells in the skin more
stimulate them to produce more pigment, but these cells are equally
because they do not produce pigment, it can turn the skin of your face into a stained color.
Although chloasma cannot be prevented, exposure to ultraviolet rays stimulating melanin production
you can minimize this stained image.

Acne: Your period of spotty
you thought it was over. Although acne during pregnancy is in adolescence
but not as severe as it is,
Required. Fortunately, pregnancy is shorter than puberty. Excess rubbing and
avoid exfoliants, pregnant skin excess for this type of emollients
Sensitive. Because of the risks, anti-acne medications
can not be prescribed throughout.

Linea nigra: Women in general
linea cola flowing from the navel to the center of the pubic bone, ie the white line is weak.
It is difficult to see before pregnancy. More difference in the second quarter of pregnancy
can become a form. In some women this line is higher than the navel
retarding. Linea nigra is darker in women with darker skin color
found and disappears after a while.

Dark areas become darker:
The small moles and spots that are formed before pregnancy can grow a little more. New
moles and spots may also form (too much increase, darkening or
If irregular borders are noticed, contact your doctor or dermatologist.
note). Areola and nipples will be darker than normal; Other of your body
regions are returned to their former state after pregnancy, your
will be darker than before.

Flushing of palms and soles:
Even in the second month of pregnancy, your palms and soles may itch and
Friable; this is called palmar melting.

Spider veins: These are small, curved
red or purple capillaries, located just under the skin and
becomes more visible during pregnancy. Spider veins on your face or pregnancy
It is likely to occur in your eye. Burnt veins known as Nevi
does not last longer than other skin problems seen in pregnancy. Leg and trunk
all spider veins may not disappear spontaneously. You feel uncomfortable
a dermatologist can destroy them by injection.

Skin tags: Some mothers,
small polyps called skin labels on skin-rubbing parts of skin
development. Usually under arm, between neck and body
the skin labels formed under the bra section, the superficial part of the skin
hyperactive development. They disappear soon after birth
but if it bothers
It can be.

Temperature rash: Temperature rash
not only in infants, but also in pregnant women. Excessive pregnancy
excessive body sweating and rubbing caused by skin rubbing
the painful heat rash that occurs together is spotty but mild

10. Itching:
Some parts of your skin are dry and exfoliated, while other parts are painful.
may be itchy rashes.

11. Spotty
rash: up to one percent of expectant mothers abdomen, rough meat, buttocks and arms
and to deal with itching, red, swollen spots on the legs
Remains. This is the case of pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy.
known. Although it is prone to develop and develop in the second half of pregnancy, it is almost
in all cases they disappear after birth. Treatment of other itchy skin
rash is the same.

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