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Week 4 Pregnancy

Week 4 Pregnancy

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Pregnancy week by week We have prepared a great series about you. 🙂 We will always be with you until the 40th week, until you have your baby in a healthy way. We wish all the expectant mothers a pleasant reading.

Week Week Pregnancy

Congratulations, you're a mother-to-be. So you are at the beginning of a wonderful journey. Are you ready for this journey that will last 40 weeks, 9 months and 10 days and each moment will be unique?

No longer pregnancy As you enter the period, you know that many things will change in your life. As your body changes day by day, your baby will develop every day. These changes and developments from the first day of your pregnancy to the moment of birth week by week You can follow our articles and videos.

You can follow the progress of each week, the calendar will answer all your questions, will help you with the habits you need to learn. From the first time you start to feel your baby, to what you need to do for her development, you will be able to access all the information, pregnancy symptoms, all other topics you are curious about.

Being a Mother and Father

Being a mother or father is not something everyone can accomplish. Do not perceive it physiologically. We mean that giving birth to a baby is not enough to be a parent. Of course, all expectant parents should be prepared to bring a new individual into the world.

Healthy pregnancy also starts with a planned pregnancy.

The fact that both mother and father candidates are prepared mentally, physically and socioeconomically for this innovation will be used during and after the whole pregnancy. positively It will affect. But should you “grow our family? Should we stop guarding? Where can we start? ”

Planned Pregnancy

Your socioeconomic conditions, your obligation to work, your concerns are psychological may make it difficult for you to be a mother. But if you have such a decision, it would make sense for you to plan a baby when your biological age is suitable for having a healthy child.

Preparing yourself in every sense planned pregnancywill be the healthiest for you and for your baby. Therefore, as soon as you make your decision, it will be useful to prepare yourself a cak to-do list ize. In this way, you can be prepared in advance for all the changes you will encounter in every period of your pregnancy.

Don't forget to add and apply the items we have prepared for you below to your to do list.

Pregnancy Preparation and Todo List

Consult an obstetrician

One of the biggest advantages of a planned pregnancy is that you can monitor your health beforehand with the help of a gynecologist before the pregnancy starts. You should talk to a gynecologist 1-2 months before you leave your protection yet and ask if you have a family history and an inherited problem. If there are problems that may affect your pregnancy or the health of your baby, you will have the opportunity to take action.

As a result of your gynecological examination, if you have problems that may prevent your pregnancy or cause problems, you will have time to find solutions.

Get your pre-pregnancy tests

Smear testis a test that women should have periodically done. Especially after you decide to have a baby It is very important for your baby's health. Blood type determination should be done for both mother and father. If you have a blood mismatch, you should know that.

Blood count is very important in order to make the most common iron deficiency anemia, Mediterranean anemia and other anemia problems in our country. In addition, the presence of infections such as toxoplasma, rubella, cytomegalovirus should be investigated during pregnancy.

Detection of hereditary diseases in your or your spouse's family is necessary for the health monitoring of your newborn. Pregnancy detection of neural tube defects and metabolic diseases related to congenital heart diseases, brain, spinal cord is very important.

Get rid of your excess weight

You should pay attention to your weight before becoming pregnant. Before you decide to have a baby, if you don't have a healthy diet, it's good for you and your baby. time to eat healthy. It is important for you to get rid of your excess weight with a balanced diet for a healthy pregnancy. Remember to do this under the control of a dietician.

Review your food

Now you have to pay attention to what you eat. A healthy mother does not want to create an unhealthy environment for her baby.

After that, you should avoid raw meat and its derivatives.

It prepares the ground for raw meatballs, bacon, dried meat, all kinds of uncooked meat, sushi, fresh cheese, unpasteurized milk, undercooked eggs, toxoplasma and food poisoning. Sword, tuna, large imported salmon and mussels, especially mercury and lead is one of the most important foods to be avoided.

Mercury and lead are heavy metals that cannot be removed from the body and are neurotoxic. Wash your fruits and vegetables very well and outdoors salad and fresh juices take care not to consume as much as possible.

Start taking folic acid

It is a scientific fact that folic acid reduces brain and spinal cord problems by up to 70% if consumed prior to pregnancy. The amount of folic acid you need per day is 400 micrograms or 0.4 mg. In order to eliminate vitamin deficiencies, meet your daily folic acid needs. Vitamin B12 and zinc it will be beneficial for you.

If you have had a baby with a Neural Tube Defect in your previous pregnancy, or if you have diabetes, epilepsy, bowel disease or excess weight problems, you should take 10 times folic acid, ie 4 mg.

We recommend that folic acid should be used up to 1 month before discontinuation.

Stop smoking and alcohol

Although we think that we do not need to go over the damages caused by alcohol and smoking again, congenital anomalies Note that this will This is a proven fact. Remember that you should also say goodbye to cigarettes and alcohol when you start making baby plans.

Have your teeth checked

Gum problems are often a problem because of your hormonal status that changes with pregnancy. Tooth decay may increase again during this period. Therefore, do not forget to see your dentist and have the necessary treatments before your pregnancy. Get information about dental care in order to avoid or minimize these problems during pregnancy.

Reduce Caffeine

To avoid the need for caffeine during pregnancy, reduce consumption in the pre-pregnancy period. In this way, you can manage your pregnancy more comfortable.

If you have a disease that requires continuous follow-up

It is very important that you check your sugar, blood pressure and thyroid before pregnancy. Because diabetes, hypertension and thyroid diseases during pregnancy, living in normal time will be different than living. It is very important that your blood sugar has an order during pregnancy. Irregular sugar is a factor that increases the risk of anomalies in the baby.

The majority of blood pressure medications are drugs that should not be used during pregnancy. It is especially inconvenient for your baby. These drugs should be replaced with the ones that can be used in pregnancy. On the other hand, when thyroid is under-worked, your pregnancy is delayed and the risk of loss increases.

Stop birth control

If you've completed your to-do list so far, the next step is to stop protection. If you are protected with pills, you should leave the box after finishing.

Pregnancy can occur within 1-2 months after stopping the birth control pill.

If you use a spiral, there is a chance of getting pregnant after withdrawal. You should follow up your ovulation time well. Because during this period of sexual intercourse every day, will accelerate your pregnancy.

After 11 days from the first day of your last menstruation spawning time will correspond. This will be the ideal time period for you to have sexual intercourse every day and have a baby.

Until you hear about your pregnancy. use folic acid and Be careful. Do not forget to avoid any medication without consulting your doctor.

Above all, keep in mind that this process requires patience.

Week 5 We recommend that you read our article on pregnancy.

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