What you need to take with you

What you need to take with you

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Baby Needs:

• your baby baby cradle to sleep in
• Bedding
• A soft blanket
• Stroller or mother's lap
• Baby seat for your car if available
• Bath tub for baby washing
• Towels, special soap and shampoo for baby's bath
• Thick cover or thin cushion when changing diapers
• Creamy wipes, powder to clean diapers and diapers
• If you are going to feed the baby bottle, materials such as bottles, pacifiers
• Newborns for your baby: 6-8 wide collar undershirt, 8 jumpsuit, at least 2 cardigans, 2 pajamas, 3-4 pairs of soft socks, baby cap or hat, baby gloves, woolen outerwear if the weather is cold
• Baby oils, cleansing wipes, moisturizing and powder to massage your baby

Mother Needs:

• Hygienic women's pad (should have high absorbency)
• 3-4 puerperal bras; There are mainly two types of puerperal bra. One has windows that only open the nipple when opened. The other one is easily hooked from the front when you can easily open with the whole. The second type is better because the baby is able to touch the breast as it is completely exposed. Pure cotton and bottom-supported brassieres should be preferred. The size you will get from the swollen part of your chest gives you the size of the puerpera bra.
• Lots of cotton and preferably disposable underwear
• Cream for sore nipples
• Bra pads; prevents leaking milk from passing into the bra.
• Front opening nightwear and pajamas
• Low-heeled slippers

Hospital Requirements

• First of all, your pregnancy and birth schedule and your doctor's file
• Make sure there are plenty of undershirts and nightgowns, cotton and sweat absorbing.
• Thick socks, you can get cold in the late stage of labor.
• A small piece of sponge or cloth to moisten your lips.
• Clean towels and soap
• Your personal cleaning materials: deodorant, powder, toothpaste and brush, comb, shampoo, paper napkin and towel, moisturizing lipstick, cleaning wipes
• Dressing gown and low-heeled slippers
• A massage ball and massage oil for your back massage
• Books, magazines, tapes and cassettes to rest and relax you
• Camera and camera
• Foods and drinks for your partner
• Phone numbers of your relatives

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