How can I cut the baby from the breast?

How can I cut the baby from the breast?

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How can I cut the baby from the breast?

The first six months of the baby's only food source is the mother. Thanks to the breast, the baby feeds his belly while also relieving his emotional hunger. Here, cut the baby This is the point to be paid attention to; because the baby's bond with the mother and the trust in her begins in the breast.

world Health Organization and UNICEFsupports suckling of infants up to at least 2 years of age

here "least" should pay attention to the expression. This led to a major misunderstanding and turned into a statement that the 2-year-old should be cut off from the udder.

In fact, the baby begins breastfeeding only for the first 6 months, the supplementary food process until the age of 2 after 6 months and breast milk is still basic food. These organizations have not published a statement on when weaning babies.

The important thing is to be able to breastfeed for the first 2 years.

Importance of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding provides numerous benefits for both mother and baby. Breast milk meets the emotional needs of both the mother and the baby.

The bond between breastfeeding and the mother baby strengthens. Breast milk is inexpensive, natural and healthy.

In sucking infants risk of obesity Is low. Besides strengthening the immune system, it protects the baby from diseases. It meets the baby's water needs. You can also breast and uterine cancer Preserves.

How long should breastfeeding continue?

Above, we have given information on how many years of breastfeeding should continue. Breastmilk only for the first 6 months and after 6 months supplementary food + breast milk continues.

Unfortunately, today's doctors say that after the age of 2, the baby should be cut off from the breast; but around the age of 2, the baby has the greatest attack during this time. Your baby, who has been attached to you to this day, will now be grown up and begin to declare his freedom.

Just as you reinforce the sense of trust you have established with you in the process of emancipation, suddenly the most trusting thing to stop sucking can cause trauma to your baby.

So by following your baby's behavior, you decide only the right time as his mother. Do not target yourself that I will cut off your breast at this age; Focus on the moment you live

Your baby will tell you when to reduce or stop breastfeeding.

Some mothers, isolate babies from breast although they do not want to, they stop sucking babies before the age of 1. This is usually because additional food is placed in front of breast milk.

For this reason, breast milk should be given to the first 1 year of age and additional food should be given as a supporter.

Why is Breastfeeding Wanted to End?

Today's mothers use two options to stop breastfeeding;

  • Cut the tits whenever your mother wants to.
  • Cut the breast when the baby wants it

Which of these two options you choose is entirely your choice. If there is no necessity, families believe that you should allow the baby to cut off the breast.

That means breaking some taboos. Seeing a baby who is still sucking at the age of 3, neighbors and even some doctors say that the baby will confuse the sexual identity of the baby, that the breastmilk will no longer work for her and that she will not want to overdose and leave the mother again.

All of these are unscientific and ear-filled judgments. On the contrary, children who suck as much as they wish and quit their own breasts in the future become more independent individuals with stronger social relations.

You need to find out where the request to stop breastfeeding comes from. This may be any health condition, you may have decided that you no longer want to breastfeed your mind or your baby no longer needs it.

At this stage, how can I wean the baby you might wonder. The important thing here is to cut your baby off the breast without having a negative impact on your baby's life. Acting without disrupting mutual trust will be a good investment for you and your baby's future.

How can I cut the baby from the breast? You can watch our video.

How to Reduce Breastfeeding? What is Natural Reduction?

  • If you want to leave your child to the natural process without interrupting the breast by your own decision, you will see that the suction intervals are reduced by the child over time, and eventually your child will take a decision on its own and stop breastfeeding.

In this way, the child, breast it will ensure its emancipation itself. It is thought that this occurs on average between the ages of 3-4. When this method is progressed, in the last months, the child needs a breast once a day and in time leaves it spontaneously.

  • Cutting the baby from the breast If you decide, you first need to make a good decision whether you are mentally prepared. If you are indecisive, it will be reflected on your baby and the process will become even more difficult. Then you have to make sure that your baby is ready.
  • First of all your baby Take note of how many times you suck. Try to reduce your breastfeeding over time and gradually. When it's time to breastfeed, you can replace it with food.
  • If you are not hungry and want a breast because of your need, we recommend that you spend special time with each other. This could be a hug and a sit-down, a game that might distract him or a stroll outside. With these activities, you can forget about sucking during the day and withdraw breastfeeding before noon and night's sleep.
Give yourself and your baby time for this gradual reduction. Your baby may not get used to this situation at once. Then come closer and try again and again. This process will take maybe 1 week, maybe 3 months. The important thing here is to take care of your baby without disturbing and stressing yourself.
  • If your baby becomes ill or becomes more fond of breast during the sucking-down process, feel free to breastfeed. It is important that the baby is saturated with the breast. If you try to cut off the nozzle even though you are not satisfied, things can get a little rough.

What to consider when you decide to stop breastfeeding?

  • The first thing you need to remind yourself is this; Cutting the baby without breastfeeding is also a difficult and emotional process for you. Therefore, make this decision first when you feel ready and safe.
  • Then consider your baby's mood. Weaning the baby, When it coincides with the 2-year-old syndrome, it can become inextricable and this situation causes your baby to become unnecessarily traumatic. Especially 18-24 months It is very important. In these months, babies suddenly become fond of breasts. The reason for this is their growth attack and the easiest way for the baby to deal with it is to suck. Don't worry, this period is temporary.
  • If there is a radical change in your life and your baby will be affected by this situation, you can postpone cutting the breast for a while. Trying to accustom your baby to something different nip Do not. Like changing rooms, giving toilet training.

Do not cut your baby at a time. Give your baby time and gradually reduce breastfeeding. Disgusting the baby by applying paste, vinegar and pain to the breast, or sticking band-aid and saying such things as breast fever, will drag your baby into trauma and shake the trust that you have built up to this day.

  • You can get support from your father to stop sucking before sleep. The process becomes even easier if your baby is in other arms that he trusts.
  • Whatever process you do is out of control, a good holiday will be good for your family. A different environment in which you take your baby will help distract him.

The only thing to be aware of is not to break the bond between you and your baby. As a mother, you know best how to approach your baby. Cutting the baby from the breastis an emotional process for the mother as well as the baby; but when you let it flow and listen to your baby well, you can easily handle it together.


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