Tricks For Easy Birth!

Tricks For Easy Birth!

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Bringing a new life into the world is not an easy task. Pregnancy causes many changes in mothers both physically and mentally. From time to time you may be worried about your baby, and from time to time you may experience physical and psychological difficulties.

In addition to all these, you will have a special time with your baby. But the baby in your belly won't stop there forever, will it?

As time approaches, the fear of birth begins to envelop almost all expectant mothers. Therefore women easy birth they need some clues to do it.

In this article we wanted to touch on the tips of easy birth 🙂

Keep your weight in balance and exercise!

You may be swarming with people who say, “You are two creatures, eat and eat!. However, this is a totally wrong attitude. The amount of extra calories you need for your baby is very low. That's why you don't have to eat too much food so that it hurts my baby.

In contrast, the excess weight you get during pregnancy carries a greater risk during pregnancy. medical attention says they need.

You too easy for childbirth you should be more careful about nutrition during pregnancy. However, you can keep your body in shape and make your birth easier by doing exercises that are safe during pregnancy such as walking, swimming, pilates or yoga.

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Educate yourself about pregnancy and childbirth!

You may not have had an idea of ​​pregnancy and motherhood by this time. Now you are expecting a baby and you are unaware of what awaits you!

Remember that one is afraid of what he does not know. If you educate yourself about pregnancy, birth and baby care, your worries will disappear one by one. You can purchase books and videos that can help you, attend childbirth preparation courses, or spend your pregnancy and birth with a doula.

Recently popular doulas support both pregnant women and their period. for easy dodge Informs.

In maternity preparation courses, mothers share their feelings with pregnant women who have the same experience with them, as well as to learn more about birth and to give birth more easily. tricks they learn in detail.

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Do Kegel Exercises!

Pelvic floor exercises, also known as kegel exercises, which are known to be beneficial in many subjects, strengthen your uterine muscles and increase your control. tips for normal birth among them.

Squeezing your vagina muscles as if you are holding your urine, counting from 1 to 10 and making it routine with a certain number of sets will be effective in facilitating labor.

Decide About Your Way of Birth!

This subject may always confuse your mind and you may postpone it by saying that there is a lot of birth. Now it's time to approach the birth and make the final decision. Of course, this decision alone would not be right; because your preferred mode of delivery may not be healthy in your current situation.

So you should sit down with your doctor and discuss in detail how to give birth. Thus, you can prepare yourself for birth more easily, you can have more detailed information about what you will experience.

However, the type of delivery you decide may be essential at the last moment for certain medical reasons.

For example, While you are planning a normal birth, there may be problems at the time of birth and cesarean delivery may become a safer option for you. It is useful not to ignore this situation and to be prepared.

Decide and See Where You're Giving Birth!

If you still haven't decided, decide which hospital to deliver. If possible, visit the hospital and rooms so that you can revive something about birth. So you can feel more ready for birth.

Sleep Enough and Balanced Sleep!

As it is known, fatigue and stress are unhealthy for both the mother and her baby. Sleep problems can be experienced more frequently in the late pregnancy.

But it somehow puts your sleep pattern in its way and your stress level if you reduce it, you will have more energy for birth. Therefore, the simplest answer to the question of what to do for easy birth, enough time to sleep and avoid stress It will be.

Spend time at home as much as possible!

You understood that your birth was approaching and you immediately went to the hospital and waited in the waiting room for your pains to become more frequent. However, this expectation will not be so short, especially if it is your first birth. Spending a long time in a hospital room can make you psychologically tired oxytocin negatively affect the

After all, your home is the most comfortable place. Therefore, your contractions 1 min. throughout and 3-5 minute intervals It would make more sense to wait at home until it comes down.

Practice Breathing Exercises!

Although it is a relaxing way, it is a difficult and stressful period for the mother. Good breathing helps the mother to get better oxygen and increases her concentration. Therefore for easy birth it is an effective way for the mother to do breathing exercises.

Ask your partner to massage!

You finally decided to give birth to a baby together. Why would he sit in a corner while you were in pain?

Ask your partner to massage you so that you can partially forget your pains and relax. Thus, you will feel more interested in you, you will feel more psychologically ready for birth.

Try to Stand!

For quick birth it can be said that it would be more effective to take advantage of the power of gravity instead of squeezing where he was lying during labor pains, by kneeling, squatting or standing on a standing place.

So baby easier printing to the cervix makes, cervix opens more quickly and easily.


When a place hurts, when we hurt, we involuntarily moan or scream. This moaning and screaming is thought to comfort the person, albeit to some extent. For this reason, scream without thinking whether there will be a lot of sound, so that you can concentrate more easily on birth.

Easy birth We have shared some tips for you. How easy it is for the mother to give birth to these tips, as well as the mother's pain threshold depends on many different factors, but may vary from person to person.

The thing to remember when you are in pain is that you will meet your little baby at the end of the job.

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