7 Textile Products You Need to Buy from ebebek!

7 Textile Products You Need to Buy from ebebek!

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Who doesn't like dressing up? Especially if your child dresses sweet or sweet, meet your needs with affordable products, do not touch your pleasure! 🙂

What a blessing, both affordable and quality textile products ...

Do not enjoy when there is a discount at E! If you would like to review up to 50% discount on selected textile products, click here: //

We have listed some indispensable products to make your job a little easier, let's come to open our hearts.  

  • Body and Layers

From the first day your baby is born, your biggest helper is the zıbınlar… No matter what you dress your baby with soft texture, their place is invariable.

ebebek's white bodys are very popular! Because it is very affordable and very high quality…

There are 5 buy and pay 4 promotions in ebebek white bodys, if you want to discover them at affordable prices, you can find the bodys in this link: //www.e- / bebek-body-c4448 /

  • Muslin Covers

Not without muslin covers…

When changing your baby or walking in the stroller, you are always with you muslin covers ört With colorful patterns and soft structures, muslin covers will be your hand, of course at ebebek!

If you want to take a look at muslin and baby blanket, please click here: //www.e- / baby-blanket

  • Baby Pajamas

Does it ever happen without pajamas?

Sleeping is one of the biggest needs of your baby, sleep and sweet pajamas to wear while walking around at home we will offer you…

HelloBaby's long sleeved pajamas have such sweet patterns Bir

You can visit ebebek stores, e or mobile applications in order to have discounted textile products offered at affordable prices every day of the year anyway Zaten

We put only two pajama sets here, but ebebek doesn't exist!

Let's also leave a link for those who want to examine all pajama sets sold in ebebek.  //www.e- / baby-pajama-suit

  • Raincoats

Are you one of those who like to walk in the rain? Or are you one of those who say “I just like watching iz?

Pattern pattern, color by color! There are many fun designs of raincoats… These raincoats will make you love rain not only for your baby…

If you are interested in products other than this owl model, we take you on a rainy journey : //www.e- / baby-raincoats

  • Mother Care Bags

It is written as a mother-baby care bag, it is read as mothers hand kol

What doesn't get into what? Being a mother requires you to fit a world in your bag.

These bags are the ones that understand your world… Light, functional and very stylish!

E come on, we're going to choose your favorite model: //www.e- / mother-baby-care-cantasi-c4541 /

  • Breastfeeding Bras

Mothers have some needs bile They even need mothers. Loving, full of labor!

Breastfeeding bras are just one of these needs…

Aren't they the products that make life easier for nursing mothers? This is one of those products. We can't help but say these words about breastfeeding ”A drop of a thousand benefits!”

Shortcut to access breastfeeding bras: //www.e- / breastfeeding-bra-c3953 /

  • Fisher Price Designs

Yes, Fisher Price also has textiles… Chirping like toys! Colorful We can't help but say that Fisher Price textile products are sold only in ebebek.

Don't these photos tell you everything? Colors, beautiful designs must have something to do with happiness!

If you are curious about Fisher Price collections, let's calm down and catch up with them.

Click here for Fisher Price collections: //www.e- / apparel-textile-fisher-price

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