Things to do before conception

Things to do before conception

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One of the most important decisions that people make in their lives is having children. However, when this power is decided, it is necessary to be both mentally and physically ready before becoming pregnant.Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op. Dr. Contact Alper directly Geçirmek When you decide to get pregnant to have a healthy pregnancy, have a healthy and comfortable birth and have a healthy baby, it's important to see your doctor. ”

: Is it necessary to have an examination before pregnancy?
Kiss. Dr. Alper Mumcu: When it is decided to become a mother, the first thing to do is to contact the physician requested to follow the pregnancy, make an appointment and go to the examination. Pre-pregnancy examination has several purposes. This first visit is also very important for you to know your physician who you want to follow your pregnancy and accompany you at your birth and to establish positive dialogue in addition to your health status. Dialogue with your doctor is an important detail of pregnancy follow-up. When you apply for ana I want to have a baby unuz, your doctor will try to outline your general health condition and identify and treat possible problems.

: What are the stages of the examination
Kiss. Dr. Alper Mumcu: The first stage of the examination is the interview. Your doctor will try to get to know you first. Some information that may seem insignificant to you, such as your age, occupation, and your marriage, can give your doctor important tips. Of these, your profession is particularly important. Occupational factors can be harmful in pregnancy as well as general health status. Your doctor then asks you if you have chronic systemic disease such as heart disease, diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease. The presence of these diseases can cause harm to you as well as to prevent the healthy development of your baby. After reviewing systemic diseases, it is time for more specific gynecological diseases. The presence of conditions that may prevent pregnancy, such as uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, is sought, or information about the treatments and outcomes of these conditions, if any, have been identified. Some gynecological diseases and infections can cause difficulty in getting pregnant or miscarriages when pregnant. If you have given birth before, the birth weeks of the babies, birth weight, mode of birth, action and characteristics experienced during delivery are evaluated. If you have had recurrent miscarriages, disabilities or stillbirths, your doctor will want to investigate the causes and treat them if necessary before allowing you to become pregnant again.

Another purpose of the interview is to reveal the life and nutrition habits of the parents. These habits can harm pregnancy and the baby should be questioned. Regular or irregular medications should be discussed with the physician and their effects on pregnancy and the baby should be questioned. On the other hand, the presence of allergies and which substances are allergic to is important.

: Is it necessary to have laboratory examinations?
Kiss. Dr. Alper Mumcu: After history and examination, the factors that cannot be determined with these should be examined. This examination is done with the help of laboratory. Routine tests are required in people without any known disease. Routine tests include:

Complete blood count
Full urine analysis
Blood types of parents
Toxoplasma related tests
Rubella (rubella) related tests
Tests for Hepatitis B
Fasting blood glucose (FBS) has not been recommended recently, because FBS only shows the obvious diabetes. Instead, a screening test with 50 grams of glucose can give more important information.

If there are any other complaints or findings other than these, examinations are made for this. For example, in the presence of menstrual disorders, detailed hormone examination, including thyroid and prolactin hormones, may be necessary. If a pathology other than gynecological disease is detected, your doctor will ask for consultation from the related branch.

: What do you offer as a result of the examination?
Kiss. Dr. Alper Mumcu: After all examinations have been done and it has been shown that there is no obstacle to getting pregnant or the existing pathologies have been treated, the order comes to the recommendations. However, since this vaccine is made from live viruses, you should not get pregnant for 3 months after the vaccination and you should check whether donation develops at the end of this period.

If diabetes is detected, your blood sugar level must be kept at a normal level. Studies have shown that the negative effects of high blood sugar levels on pregnancy start before fertilization.

: What are your views on smoking and alcohol?
Kiss. Dr. Alper Mumcu: There's no better reason to stop smoking than to be a mother. Smoking reduces the number and quality of sperm in women and in men, it can cause difficulty in getting pregnant. The babies of pregnant women who smoke can have low birth weight and abortion or preterm birth is more common in these women. It is interesting to note that in a recently published study, boys born from women who smoke during pregnancy have an increased tendency to crime and violence in the future. Similarly, alcohol also slightly reduces the chances of conception. Infants exposed to alcohol in the womb may have long-term mental retardation, learning disorders and behavioral disorders. In another study, it was found that women who used alcohol 1-5 times a week became more difficult to conceive than those who did not. Alcohol in men also reduces the number and quality of sperm.

: Are there any points to be considered in nutrition before getting pregnant?
Kiss. Dr. Alper Mumcu: Nutrition is extremely important when it is decided to conceive as in pregnancy. The use of many substances such as artificial sweeteners and caffeine should be reduced. If you have excess weight, the best period to give them is before pregnancy. Because diet is not recommended during pregnancy. Contrary to popular belief, vitamin supplementation is not required before becoming pregnant in people without malnutrition. The exception is folic acid. Folic acid supplementation, which is one of the B group vitamins, is beneficial before getting pregnant. 400-800 micrograms of folic acid taken daily reduces the central nervous system anomalies in the baby by up to 50%.


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