High-risk moms-to-be say: The inspiring ways my partner supports me

High-risk moms-to-be say: The inspiring ways my partner supports me

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When you have a high-risk pregnancy, striking the balance between taking care of your responsibilities and following doctor's orders can be difficult. Here's how partners of women with a high-risk pregnancy rose to the challenge.

Being there

"My husband comes to 95 percent of my appointments and never misses an ultrasound. He asks insightful questions at appointments, asks me how I'm doing every day, and makes me feel like he cares."

"My hubby is extremely supportive. He's at every shot, labor and delivery visit, and extra doctor appointment."

"My husband and I have been together for eight years, so he's familiar with my condition and extremely supportive. He comes to every appointment his schedule allows."

Emotional bids

"His greatest contribution is the emotional support – giving me foot or back rubs at night or bringing me tea after the kids go to bed. These little things help me relax, put me at ease, and mean more than just physical help. He's a wonderful man, and I love him so much."

“I'm lucky to have my partner by my side supporting me through my pregnancy. Working in a hospital and going to school to be a respiratory therapist makes me paranoid about getting sick at times. I read about signs and symptoms and then self-diagnose. But my partner never doubts me. I discovered I had high blood pressure because my partner urged me to follow my gut."

"My partner helps with the boys, offers to come home from work early, and is by my side every time we make a trip to triage or stay overnight in the hospital. He asks me what I need and how I'm feeling."

"I feel calmer when my partner is around. When the baby doesn't move and I start freaking out, he calms me down and reminds me that she's in there and is in good hands. We had a miscarriage two Christmases ago, and he says, 'This one is for keeps.' It makes my heart burst, especially when she moves right after."

Pitching in

"My husband is fabulous. I rely on him a ton. I'm on bedrest so he does the laundry, cleaning, dishes, cooking, groceries, [and even] lays out the kids' clothes each night. And the list goes on. It's hard on us, but we're leaning on each other and are so excited for baby number three."

"I don't do any laundry or cleaning. He hates when I lift anything and carries things, even if they're light. My bump is still small, but he insists on helping me get in and out of the car. I don't need the help yet, but it's so cute."

"I'm almost 23 weeks and high-risk because I'm 36 and have a blood clotting disorder. I've had three miscarriages, too. My husband does everything around the house and handles my needs. He reassures me that my main job is taking care of the health of our baby and me."

"My husband is more scared than I am, but he's holding it together, missing a ton of work, and taking care of our other children. It's amazing."

"He was a rock for me throughout the pregnancy. My husband helped me see that the most important thing was the health of our baby."

"My partner is amazing. I'm on 100 percent bedrest. He's taken over everything. I couldn't be more thankful.

"Our first daughter was stillborn. With this pregnancy, my husband does everything to help out. He's truly amazing. I convinced him to get a Roomba so he doesn’t have to vacuum when he gets home from work. All I do is pick up my daughter's toys and press a button! We alternate between cleaning up from dinner and giving our daughter a bath. If I'm more tired than usual, he does both while I lie in bed."

"He knows my restrictions and steps up to do the rest."

"My husband has been great since I've been on bedrest. I'm so appreciative of his willingness to leave work early when needed, cook dinner, and get the kids ready for school and dropped off."

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