I was prenatal exercise-shamed by my own doctor!

I was prenatal exercise-shamed by my own doctor!

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Before my last prenatal appointment, I totally thought I was kicking serious butt at sticking to an exercise routine while pregnant. Each morning before my kids wake up, I get up to practice yoga.

I've stuck to this routine through IVF, even when my rear end was so sore from the shots, I could barely sit down. I did yoga through horrible bouts of morning sickness, when I felt exhausted, and I'm still practicing at 7-months pregnant, despite the fact that I feel huge, and have to modify a lot of poses to accommodate my ever-growing belly and decreasing energy level.

Go me, right? Wrong, according to my doctor. At our appointment, he asked if I was getting regular exercise. And then he shamed me for choosing yoga to stay in shape. "Yoga is great, but you should be getting more cardio," he intoned, as my heart sank faster than when I dive from mountain pose to forward fold. Then he suggested running on a treadmill.

I nodded in agreement, but what I wanted to say scream was, "HAVE YOU EVER TRIED RUNNING WITH BOOBS AS BIG AS YOUR HEAD?!?"

Then I wanted to ask if he even knew what yoga entailed.

Did he know a swift yoga flow can get your heart rate up significantly? Did he know yoga can increase strength, stamina, and flexibility? Did he know that by doing yoga every day I have seen improved muscle tone and better posture? Did he know yoga can help a woman deal with anxiety and fears about pregnancy, birth, and delivery?

I wished I could kindly inquire demand, "HAVE YOU EVER TRIED EXERCISING WHILE PREGNANT? I DON'T THINK SO!"

I left the appointment feeling deflated and more than a little down on myself. Maybe I was just a big, fat, out-of-shape pregnant woman. I should be training for a marathon or something. And CrossFitting like those Instagram fit moms.

The good news is that my self-defeatist attitude lasted for only a short time. Because the truth is, I felt good about what I was doing to stay in shape physically and mentally before this appointment, and I shouldn't let some out-of-touch doctor change my mind. That I find time to exercise at all with three kids while pregnant is admirable in and of itself, no matter what I may be doing. And the most important thing is that I've found something I can stick to, that makes me happy and feeling fit. Pregnancy is the last time you want to go outside your comfort zone and try a new form of exercise, anyway.

The next morning, I returned to my yoga mat. It was far less judgmental than my doctor.

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