This is why we strap our kids into the car seat correctly

This is why we strap our kids into the car seat correctly

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Most of us born before 1990 remember frequent car rides in the back of the family station wagon or in the comfort of a full-sized van. We never wore seat belts and if we were ever too rowdy my mom would slam on the brakes, sending all of us kids flying forward, while swinging her hand wildly hoping to make contact with one of us.

In a recent post about what a miracle it is we all survived our terrible parents, I wrote,

“Some of my favorite childhood memories involve my siblings and me in some pretty risky scenarios all the while carrying around our bottles of root beer and candy cigarettes. Yeah, we thought we were pretty cool.

I’m not saying the way things were done back then were good or they were right, but somehow most of us managed to survive decently unscathed and partly normal.”

After some research it appears that it might be a miracle so many of us actually survived childhood, especially with our past in car seat safety devices.

I found a graph posted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety incredibly shocking. Although the number of children under the age of 13 have increased from about 45.8M in 1975 to about 52.7M in 2014, the facts show that vehicle-related deaths have been cut in half.

It should be obvious that the major difference in these numbers is due to parents, like Ashley Kulm, who are advocating for the safety of our children while riding in motor vehicles.

I have to admit, I am not perfect. However, the recent photo Ashley posted to Facebook is a sobering reminder for all – including me.

On days when it’s just easier to let your kid ride in a booster intended for bigger kids, or when you are in a hurry and just don’t even think about making sure the chest clip is in the proper place, think of this picture and Ashley’s message.

*A nice visual as to WHY chest clip placement is so important. Mr. Bones here is demonstrating on the left why his chest clip sucks. He would have internal bleeding to his vital organs. Bones on the right has the chest clip properly placed and his organs protected by his rib cage. Please place your child's chest clip properly with the top of the chest clip being at armpit level.

With over 10,000 shares in less than a week, Ashley was inspired to start a whole Facebook page dedicated to car seat safety. Check out her Facebook page to stay current on all things car seats.

Photo credit: Ashley Kulm, RichardBH/Flickr.

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