What makes mommy candidates sleepless?

What makes mommy candidates sleepless?

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Many expectant mothers, "after the birth of the baby will be sleepless at night, before the birth of plenty of rest should sleep well," he thinks. However, especially in the last weeks of pregnancy, thoroughly growing abdominal, leg cramps, sometimes causes such as reflux deteriorate sleep quality. In this article, we have listed the reasons for the mothers who missed their sleep at night and made some suggestions.The need to go to the toiletThis causes frequent urination because the uterine bladder, which has grown during the last three months of pregnancy, put pressure on the bladder. Stopping fluid consumption two hours before bedtime can help with this problem.crampsLack of calcium and magnesium during pregnancy is the most important cause of cramps in the legs. Although massage of the legs may work, especially if you are suffering from these cramps during sleep and therefore sleepless, you should consult your doctor to eliminate calcium and magnesium deficiency.HeartburnHeartburn is mostly due to the increase in progesterone hormone during pregnancy. Increased hormone, the stomach between the esophagus muscles by loosening the stomach acid esophagus and stomach burning causes the feeling of burning. Reducing the portions in the evening meals, ending eating and drinking 3 hours before bedtime, avoiding excessively spicy, acidic foods and fries serve to solve the problem. Also raising your pillow is effective in combating this problem. However, if you still have problems with your doctor in consultation with your doctor and prevent the negative effects of your baby's health is possible to use drugs.Concerns about the babyIt is perfectly normal for mothers to worry about her baby's health from time to time. However, this situation has increased in recent months, leaving you sleepless. A question that suddenly comes to your mind, if negative thoughts make you sleepless, you have to do something to alleviate these concerns. Attending prenatal preparation courses and getting information about anything you are worried about can help you relax.Not finding the correct lying positionNot being able to find the right position during pregnancy, the idea that you will harm the baby can divide your sleep. Especially in recent months, you need to avoid lying on your back. When you lie in this position, the uterus pressures the large blood vessels, spine, back muscles and intestines with all its weight, causing low back pain. In addition, when you lie on your back, blood pressure drops, shortness of breath can be seen. The best position to lie on the left side. When you lie on your left side, the amount of blood going to the placenta (the baby's wife) increases and more oxygen reaches the baby. You can sleep more comfortably by laying on the left side and putting a pillow between your legs.

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