Eating at your table with your baby

Eating at your table with your baby

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Your baby is 1 year old. Now he wants to sit down with you and even eat what you eat. Do you know how to feed him during this period? If your answer is no German Hospital Specialist for Child Health and Diseases Contact Alper directly We are waiting for you.

: When should breast milk be cut?
Dr. Contact Alper directly After 9 months, breastmilk is no longer the basic food of the child. It should be discontinued between 12-15 months, at the latest at the age of 2 years and suitable for the mother. The child must wake up at night to suck his mother.

: When should parents put the child on the family table?
Dr. Contact Alper directly When the child turns one year old, it is OK for him to sit at the family table. The mother should also be allowed to eat as support. For this purpose, vegetables, fruits, meatballs, potatoes, etc., put in front of food by preparing small pieces. The child must have a separate plate. They like fun, picture plates. Make sure that meals are regular. During these months, the growth rate slows down and appetite may decrease.

: What are your suggestions to mothers during these months when the baby sits with the family?
Dr. Contact Alper directly

Do not fight with the baby to feed more.
They can resist new nutrients, be understanding.
Portion size should be about one quarter of adults.
Do not use sweets as a reward. At the end of the meal, try to give it together.
Feed into pieces of bite size.
Give some foods soft.
Food at room temperature may make it easier to eat.
Use small spoons and buckets for babies.
Have him eat in the highchair.

: What is the most common mistake that mothers make when the baby moves to solid foods?
Dr. Contact Alper directly One of the most common mistakes is to feed the child with food water. This form of nutrition with no nutritional value should not be applied. Limit fluid intake should be limited to 120-180 cc per day as fruit juice and water.

: What are your suggestions for balanced nutrition of the child?
Dr. Contact Alper directly

They should eat 3-4 meals a day and consume the main food groups (milk and milk foods, meat, eggs and legumes, vegetables and fruits, flour and starches, fat) in a balanced manner.

2 glasses of milk or yogurt should be given daily. Milk can be given in any way. The size of 2 matchboxes of cheese is as much as 1 glass of milk. Calcium in milk and milk products is very important for the development of children.

The best sources for iron requirement are meat, fish, poultry, eggs and legumes. At least two portions of one or more of these nutrients should be in the child's diet. An egg should be fed to the child every day (every other day for children given regular meat).

1 serving meat = 2 dumplings = 3-4 wiped tablespoons of dried legumes.

Fruits and vegetables are a source of vitamins. They are also helpful for the absorption of calcium and iron. 3-4 servings of vegetables or fruit should be given per day. Vegetables can be given directly beside rice pasta, meatballs, pies, soup can also be given. Eating rind fruits will help constipation problem.

1 serving vegetable = 5-6 wiping tablespoons vegetable dish

1 serving of fruit = 1 medium fruit = ¾ cup of juice.

The main energy source of the body is bread and floury starchy foods. At least 6 servings per day are required. 3 servings of bread can be given in the form of others soup, rice, pasta, potatoes, fritters etc.

1 serving = 5-6 wiping full tablespoons rice-pasta etc. = 1 slice of bread.

: How should the sample menu be for 2 years old?
Dr. Contact Alper directly Morning

tea cup milk or fruit juice (freshly squeezed),
1 matchbox cheese or 1 egg
1 teaspoon of oil or 5 pieces of olives,
2-3 teaspoons of honey, jam or molasses,
2 medium slices of bread
1 tomato.


1 serving of fruit


Boiled or grilled meat, chicken, fish or vegetable dumplings, stuffed minced zucchini, dried legume dishes, 4 tablespoons vegetable meal,
3-4 tablespoons of rice or pasta,
1 cup of yogurt or milk.


1 cup of juice or milk, 4-5 pieces of biscuits or 1 slice of bread


1 bowl of soup (lentils, tarhana, plateau etc.)
4 tablespoons vegetable dish
1 cup of yogurt
2 slices of bread or 3-4 tablespoons rice or pasta, mashed potatoes

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