Top toys for ages 12 to 36 months

Top toys for ages 12 to 36 months

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  • Top toddler toys

    Nurture your toddler's curiosity and creativity with play every day. See our checklist of toys for ideas to boost your child's development, including toys that help kids master physical skills, challenge their budding brain, and inspire their growing imagination.

  • Activity books

    Give your toddler a soft, durable activity book that lets her lift the flaps, touch different textures, and imagine the book's characters in different – and often funny – situations. She'll love feeling like a part of the action, and you'll be encouraging a lifelong love of reading.

  • Puzzles

    When it comes to toddlers and favorite toys, puzzles are a perfect fit! Start with a peg puzzle (featuring single pieces that match a picture), and eventually let your child advance to a regular puzzle with extra-large pieces. Mix up the pieces on the floor and let your toddler dig in. You may have to help sort them by color and shape, but your little puzzler will learn to do it on her own by watching you and trying again.

  • Dress-up dolls

    Your toddler is mastering new dressing skills with a DIY attitude. When young toddlers practice with a doll that they can dress and undress, don't be surprised if they tell you, "I do it!" And even when your child struggles, do your best to stay hands-off – every button, zipper, and snap challenges those developing fine motor skills.

  • Musical toys

    It's never too early to get your child excited about music, and everyone knows toddlers are happiest when they're making a lot of noise. So let your child rock out with a toy guitar, keyboard, or drum set. Not only is playing music pure fun, it also helps develop language and math skills.

  • Building blocks

    Classic building blocks are a playroom essential. As children's skills develop, they'll enjoy stacking them higher and higher. Help your little one construct a teetering tower, and then let the demolition expert send it tumbling down. Don't be surprised if you both wind up in giggles on the floor.

  • Sorting & nesting toys

    Sorting and nesting toys help toddlers discover colors, shapes, and patterns. Dexterous little fingers grasp various objects and drop them – plunk! – into a box or onto a stand.

  • Train sets

    For tons of fun, hook your tiny engineer up with a train set. It might be slow going at first, but train play gets more elaborate over time. Eventually your toddler may tinker with the tracks for hours, designing routes and experimenting with steep hills and sharp curves for the train cars to navigate. Imagine the adventure taking place across the wild terrain of your living room floor!

  • Ride-on toys

    Toddlers love to be on the go, so consider investing in a good set of wheels. You can pull your child along in a classic red wagon, or get him a mini car, truck, or train to scoot around on. And once your little one can balance, he can graduate to a wooden balance bike or a scooter with an extra-wide base.

  • Arts & crafts

    Colored pencils and paper, markers, rubber stamps, and messy finger paints are just what your child needs to connect artistically with the world around him. And you won't ever want to part with your child's first masterpiece – even if it's just scribbling.

  • Push & pull toys

    On your mark, get set, go! When your child's motor skills are developed enough, give him toys to push and pull. A pull-along dump truck can help kids build castles and fortresses at the beach. With a musical toy that makes noise as it rolls, they can "vacuum" and "mow the lawn" just like a grown-up. And an animal pull toy your toddler can tug along to the playground every day just may become his new best friend.

  • Toy kitchens

    A toy kitchen lets your child assert her independence and be the executive chef for a change. She can organize her own pantry and wow you with all the delicious meals she cooks up. But don't hang up your toque just yet – she still needs you around to be her sous chef!

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