3 things that can help when your baby has reflux or GERD

3 things that can help when your baby has reflux or GERD

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  • If your baby has reflux or GERD, I wish I could hug you and hold your baby while you take a shower and clean the sour-milk smell away. I know what it's like to be in the trenches with a baby who spits up, milk-sneezes, drips, and vomits at seemingly random intervals. It's hard, and usually there really isn't a solution – just a "someday" your baby will probably grow out of it. While we worked on solutions and waited for things to get better at our house, these 3 things helped ease our discomfort.

  • Burp scarf

    If my baby puked, it was usually on me. She had a knack for missing the burp cloth, however expansive, and nailing whatever outfit I was wearing. But with the Wearable Infinity Nursing Cover, I didn't have to travel with an extra shirt and the vomit didn't permeate my bra. In a pinch, I could also use the scarf as a blanket, a nursing cover, or a giant burp cloth. If you have a baby who's an unpredictable vomiter, preparation is key.

  • Gas-reducing bottle

    Moms have recommended the Comotomo bottle to me over and over again. Its unique squeezable design and non-leaking air vents help reduce air that gets into your baby's tummy. The bottle is also easy to clean, made of nontoxic silicone, and is dishwasher-safe (on the upper rack).

  • A gas-pass assist

    Sometimes babies just need a little help getting the gas bubbles moved down south. Using a range of aids from massages to bicycle kicks to gas-passing products, you can help your baby release some pressure. I personally love the Fridababy Windi Gaspasser – Fridababy has some unusual products, but I've always been impressed at how well they work.

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