12 coming-home outfits for your newborn

12 coming-home outfits for your newborn

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Deciding what your baby will wear for the ride home from the hospital is a big deal. Lucky for you, we've already combed our favorite shopping sites for the 12 best outfits. Get your camera ready!

Your baby's first outfit feels important because it is! It might even become one of your favorite keepsakes.

With so many choices out there, it's easy for parents-to-be to feel overwhelmed. To help, we combed our favorite shopping sites and found something for everyone, from trendy to timeless and from gender-neutral to completely personalized.

Here are 12 of our favorite coming-home outfits for newborns.

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  • Favorite Knit Romper

    Hope and Henry Layette Cable Knit Sweater Romper

    This classic one-piece outfit is made from supersoft 100% organic cotton.

    Available at Amazon starting at $25.95

  • Favorite Trendy Outfit

    Dramiposs Newborn Clothing Set with Blanket

    This set has three things we're loving right now: plaid, a matching blanket, and a poignant message.

    Available at Amazon starting at $15.98

  • Favorite Personalized Outfit

    WillowBeeApparel Hello World Personalized Newborn Outfit

    This handmade outfit makes a great baby shower gift for parents-to-be who've already announced their baby's name.

    Available at Etsy

  • Favorite Patterned Onesie

    Hipea Romper

    You'll have a hard time deciding which onesie pattern you love more: maple or flamingo.

    Available at Amazon starting at $8.99

  • Favorite Vintage Outfit

    Tesa Babe Spring Floral Romper Headband + Hat

    For feminine, vintage-inspired patterns, look no further.

    Available at Amazon starting at $26.95

  • Favorite Monogrammed Outfit

    SK Creations Monogrammed Footie, Cap, and Blanket

    This popular Etsy shop offers a variety of personalized keepsake clothing. In addition to the name and the monogram, you get to choose the thread color and font.

    Available at Etsy starting at $20.95

  • Favorite Environmentally-Friendly Onesie

    Posh Peanut Baby Romper

    If you're looking for something a little different, these soft, colorful rompers made from bamboo will stand out on the maternity floor.

    Available at Amazon starting at $36.00

  • Favorite Organic Cotton Outfit

    Gerber Baby 3-Piece Organic Onesie, Pant, and Cap

    This organic cotton set rings in at an unbelievable price.

    Available at Amazon

  • Favorite Layered Outfit

    Simple Joys by Carter's

    Be prepared for warm or cool weather with these breathable layers.

    Available at Amazon

  • Favorite Classic Onesie

    Little Me 2-Piece Footie & Cap Set

    This footie and cap set is highly rated and affordable, plus it comes in a variety of patterns. Even better, it's affordable and comes in a variety of patterns.

    Available at Amazon starting at $9.62

  • Favorite Gender-Neutral Outfit

    Little Me Unisex

    If you've decided to not find out the gender, this handmade outfit is a neutral and artistic choice.

    Available at Amazon

  • Favorite Preemie Onesie

    L'ovedbaby Organic Cotton Footed Overall

    These high-quality onesies come in preemie sizes and feature fold-over mitten cuffs to keep babies protected against their own sharp nails.

    Available at Amazon starting at $25.00


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