Your 6-year-old: Your social butterfly

Your 6-year-old: Your social butterfly

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Your 6-year-old now

Six-year-olds become quite social in their play, drawing friends into their dramas and concocting more elaborate story lines. They're more creative about finding and using props around the house; for example, using blankets to build forts and towels to make capes. It's a good idea to provide lots of prop possibilities and be generous about sharing household items when you can.

An interest in rules makes its way into playtime, too. Kid this age love to be the director. "Run into the room and say, 'Boo!'" they may order a friend. Often kids will take turns directing the play. But if you have two or more assertive types, the bossiness can lead to fights. Let them try to hash it out themselves, but be prepared to step in to help them resolve serious conflicts.

Your life now

It seems to be a modern maxim that the bigger kids get, somehow the messier the house becomes. A few little tricks can help you from getting dragged down by clutter, which organizational experts know is a major stressor to busy parents. For example:

  • Try the "ten-minute" rule. Set a timer and spend just ten minutes whittling away the clutter you see. Then stop. This keeps the job from becoming overwhelming but yields visible results.
  • Teach your child to clean up one game or play zone before embarking on a new one.
  • Hang some pegs inside a closet or just inside a doorway that your child can reach. It can be easier for little hands to hang a jacket on a peg than a hanger.

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