Ideal Room Temperature for Your Baby

Ideal Room Temperature for Your Baby

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The baby's room is very hot, not enough temperature, sweating or chills of the baby causes many problems. Because the immune system in newborns is not sufficiently developed, their bodies are very sensitive and they can quickly become ill. Therefore, room temperature should be kept at the ideal temperature recommended by experts. Vigo convector heaters provide constant temperature, creating the most healthy and comfortable environment for your baby's development.

Healthy Temperature for Your Baby
Exposure to dust mites increases the risk of allergies in your child.

The surface temperature of the aluminum heater inside the Vigo Convector is designed not to exceed 225 degrees Celsius. Thus, it prevents the formation of bad odor. The dust-free Vigo Convector is especially recommended for people with allergies and asthma, while providing an extremely healthy environment temperature for infants and children's rooms. It does not emit harmful heat and light, it works quietly and heats up quickly.

Unique Security Features
Vigo Convectors feature roll-over protection, low surface temperature housing design, wall and floor fixing, and child safety as well as high safety features that stop heating in case of closing air outlet grilles or overheating.

It offers a combination of warmth and safe use, ideal for babies and children.

Vigo convectors provide constant temperature as well as easy to use electronic control panel with time adjustment.
easily programmable on and off.

Vigo is a Mastas Inc. Brand.

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