3 Main Stages of Pregnancy

3 Main Stages of Pregnancy

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FIRST 3 MONTHS (weeks 1-13)Your fluctuating hormones will cause a lot of changes in your life from morning sickness to acne. You will feel tenderness in your breasts and identify the blue vessels that appear. Soak up your body early so you can be tired more than ever. Nevertheless, the baby you are growing up in will give you immense joy.To-do list for the periodDiary: Keep track of changes in your emotions and your body by keeping a pregnancy diary. You can also record questions you will ask your doctor here. If you wish there was a way to record thoughts with the participation of others, you have: Open a blog!Test: During your first prenatal visit, a blood test should be performed for everything from anemia to hepatitis B, and whether you are immune to diseases such as rubella.Vitamins: If you have not started taking prenatal multivitamins containing at least 400 micrograms of folic acid, be sure to ask your doctor to write.Hair: Although research shows that there is no danger of hair coloring during pregnancy, many doctors are not in the first three months, the second quarter is expected to wait.Cracker: Experts say morning sickness occurs when the placenta secretes a high level of human chorionic gonadotropin (hcg). Eat often during the day; snacks from carbohydrates such as bread and crackers can reduce nausea. Ginger tea and vitamin B also work in some mothers.Sun: Pregnancy hormones cause excessive proliferation of color cells and therefore increase your sensitivity to UV rays.Goal of the periodProper nutrition. Alcohol is forbidden, you know. Other foods and beverages to avoid:

Sushi and raw / smoked seafood: There are bacteria in raw foods that can cause you to get sick. Avoid shark, swordfish, sea bass and mackerel, which contain high levels of mercury. You can eat canned tons between 180-360 grams per week.Caffeine: Research shows that it is healthy to consume low amounts of caffeine, such as a cup of coffee or a can of cola per day. However, more than 300 milligrams (three cups of average 24 grams of coffee) pose a low risk.Soft cheese: Cheeses made from raw milk or not pasteurized contain listeria bacteria, which leads to premature labor. Soft cheese can only be eaten if pasteurized.Egg: Everything made with raw or undercooked eggs increases your risk of food poisoning.Artificial sweeteners: How the substances used in place of sugar affects the fetus is still a mystery, it is worth avoiding.Life in that period bellyYour baby is very busy in the first three months: What initially has an embryo becomes a fetus with organs such as heart, brain, and liver. Less than 10 inches

tall, with a weight of 30 grams.


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