Errors in Child Rearing and Solutions

Errors in Child Rearing and Solutions

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• Make you feel who the boss is

There are some errors in which every parent falls from time to time. You give your child an ultimatum: “you're either going to wear it or we're staying at home” and he says “let's stay at home”. We can all sometimes see that what we do to achieve discipline has the opposite effect. You may need to remind your children that you are the boss. It may be useful to learn some disciplinary errors in order not to repeat them.

• Feel free to resort to white lies

Sometimes you may have to tell white lies. However, experts do not refer to white lies very often, and when your child reaches the age you understand it would be more appropriate to try to give him the ability to empathy, he said. For example, you can explain to your child who doesn't want to go to school that you don't want to go to work on some days, but you have to go for your own good.

• Do as you say

If you don't want to be a bad guy for your child, of course, he needs to know that it will also have consequences if your child is acting wrong. If he's going to keep throwing his toys, it's a big mistake to say that you're going to eliminate them and then not. If you want your child to take lessons, then you need to do so. Because a child who receives a warning will not end his movement unless he sees a concrete result. But once you do what you say the next time you can get easier results by reminding that moment.

• Perform the same behaviors as parents

As a parent, you must adopt the same attitude. If one of the parents is more comfortable with the child and makes less rules, there will be a problem between the parents and the child will be difficult to learn the rules. Parents should therefore take decisions together and not say yes to what someone says no.

• Do not bribe

Another mistake the parents have made is to bribe them. Making a sentence like im I will give you chocolate if you finish your meal a to a child who doesn't eat will put him to the same expectation every time and he will not eat his food after a while. Although it is not wrong to use rewards from time to time, it would be a mistake to have your child do what you want with something financial. Instead, you can say, “I am proud of you being a good boy today, you made me very happy” and then try to embrace and kiss your child.

• Be patient

You really need to be patient when it comes to your child. But you always see that it doesn't work the same. In such cases, give yourself some time, take a deep breath and count up to ten, and you will see that you are really more effective in discipline your child. If you cannot calm down, move to another room or send your child.

• Let her see the results of her actions instantly

Do not give your child long-term penalties. For example, if he pissed you off in the middle of the day, it would be pointless to say ım I will not read fairy tales tonight çünkü because he will have forgotten what he did before an hour later. Therefore, it would be more meaningful to see the results of what they did at that moment.

• Remember that they are children

Don't treat your child as little adults. Explaining your behavior to them at length will make it difficult to understand rather than easier. Çikolata no chocolate before eating ”is enough for him to say.

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